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Pictures \ Past Events / Ferry Crossings - Kings County, NB - July 18, 2019
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 17, 2019, 09:19:42 PM »
Starting out with what we thought might be a damp day, 7 Corvettes crossed the Kingston/Gondola Point ferry, then the Grand-Bay Ferry, then the Evandale Ferry, and finally the Kars Ferry (The Province may have different names for them, but that's what I'll call them for now).  Our leader, Tina & her dad Dave Fyffe, did a great job keeping us together as we toured roads that neither Roger nor I had ever been on, and we've been almost everywhere in NB.  The Club paid for all the Ferry crossings... thank you Roger for making that executive decision.  The rain held off until the end of the day.
Dave & Louise Fyffe set up a BBQ for us, hosted by their son Stephen and his wife Shelley, at what I will call their estate.  A home that you thought you'd only see in a magazine with a million dollar view.  The property took my breath away - a dream come true residence.  Can you tell I loved it?   They treated us to giant cheese burgers with an array of wonderful homemade desserts, including a cake made by our hostess that was gone before she could say "I don't want any leftovers". 
After a relaxing period of time, we continued on our journey with a stop at the Dunhams Run Estate Winery in Kingston.  After a few samplings and purchases, we continued until our mapped out route ended with an ice cream stop just as the sky opened up to a very short lightning show.
We then hit the highway for home.    What a great day it turned out to be.... great cars, great food, great new/old friends, and great entertainment (not necessarily in that order).    Thank you to the Fyffe's and their wonderful family for this trip.
Pictures \ Past Events / Atlantic Nationals weekend - July 3-7, 2019
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 17, 2019, 09:06:49 PM »
What can I say about this weekend.... if you participated in only one activity, you had a fun time.... if you participated in the 5 days of events, you had a blast.   
The Thursday run through Kent County, following the coastline where possible, with a meal at Pirate de La Mer, was an activity that saw 7 Corvettes with a VW pace car.  Ok, the VW tried to keep everyone together.   
The Friday run to Cap Pele, a meal at Fred's Seafood Restaurant, and then a viewing of Michel LeBlanc's special collection was very enjoyable.  I believe we ended up with about 15 Corvettes.
Saturday was the BIG DAY for the Greater Moncton Corvette Club with about 120 Corvettes registered in one group.  Many parked within the site with their hot rod, mustang, etc., friends.  The weather was HOT!!   A great big Thank You to all the members that helped make it a perfect show.  The meal at the Baci Italia restaurant was excellent, with more great give away prizes.   I understand that our charity, the Southeastern NB Autism Resource Centre, was very pleased with the weekend and donations received.  I likely will hear directly from them once they get their wind back.
Sunday was a little more relaxing, but many of the Corvette members had their car numbers drawn for Atlantic Nationals' giveaways during the day. 
Already getting things in motion for next year.   See you then.   (check out more photos on our Facebook page).
Event Calendar / Tour of covered bridges Sussex area
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 02, 2019, 11:54:38 PM »
We will leave McDonald's, Magnetic Hill, at 10:00 a.m. for a tour of the remaining covered bridges in the Sussex area.
Pictures \ Past Events / Acadien Peninsula Tour - June 29-30, 2019
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 02, 2019, 11:31:33 PM »
We left Dieppe at 8:30 with the intention of having a large showing of Corvettes.  Unfortunately, due to personal & health reasons, we had 11 cancellations.  Our club members' health is very fragile at the moment.  But 11 Corvettes made the showing and before we were done on the first day, we had increased to 15 (our members from Fredericton, Campbellton, Balmoral, Bathurst, Caraquet and Tabusintac joining us).   We stopped for a coffee break in Miramichi, then on to lunch at Pizza Delight in Tracadie.  The weather was a sun/cloud day, but no rain - actually, no rain all weekend until we neared St-Louis-de-Kent on our last stretch of Highway 11.
We visited the Miscou Island lighthouse, with a tour that took us to the very top.  A great picture taking spot - I couldn't help but think of how much Paul Dunn would have loved this day.
The Shippagan Aquarium was our last stop before checking into our hotel.  It was a fantastic experience.  I found it so informative that Roger & I plan on returning with the grandchildren.  The seals put on a show for us at the end of the day, or as Roger said, they put on a show for the fish they were fed.
After check-in, it was a short drive to the restaurant, Le Caraquette.   Most had eaten so much for supper that they took advantage of the location for a stroll along the water front, before heading back to the hotel for a little game or two of L-R-C.
The following morning everyone was excited to see what the day would hold.  Some even took the time to wash the Vettes, so they'd not be embarrassed as we attracted attention everywhere we parked.  The visit to the Atlantic Boat Builders in Bas Caraquet had to be cancelled, as they were having assembly concerns and closed the plant to the public.  Instead we visited a museum (Le Musee de Cultures).  The two guides were very personable and we enjoyed the tour.
Then on a pleasant 30 minute drive to la Distillerie du Roy, where we were educated in the production of beer, whiskey, rye, rum..... with samples of course.  They usually are closed on Sunday but the owner was very happy to show us around and explain his humble beginnings.
A fantastic lunch at the restaurant, La Crepe Bretonne - a specialty restaurant with great service.   Here is where a few of the Vettes went in different directions.  Those that live in the northern part of NB took a different route to head for home.  The others drove through St. Isidore to Tracadie where we stopped for a tour of the Historial Museum that began as hospitals for those inflicted with Leprosy (Lazarets are what these hospitals were known as).  We were all taken aback by how our provincial health care treated these folks.  A very shameful part of history.
Then a final stop in Miramichi again before our final lap.   Here we separated someone as some wanted to be home earlier than others.
In general, we couldn't have had a better tour.   Thank you so much to Chanel & Judy for working so hard to make this happen.  We appreciate all the work, in particular with reservations for all the activities.
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2019
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 02, 2019, 10:20:31 PM »

Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Monthly Meeting – July 1st, 2019
Lounsbury Chevrolet boardroom

The meeting began at 7 p.m. with 16 members present:  Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Wornick Price, Chanel Michaud, Don MacAulay, Debbie MacPherson, Dwight & Libby Rayworth, Betty Mae Madden, Dave Gates, Steve Whalen, Margaret Mayes, Trueman Copp, Rick & Helen Estabrooks, Dave Fyffe and Eric LeBlanc.

In the absence of our secretary, the minutes of the June meeting will be read, along with these, in August.

Old Business:

The Lounsbury show went very well, lots of sun and great prizes.  We ended the day with a total of approx 130 Corvettes.  Vettes from all Maritime provinces were on hand.  Thank you to those that helped with parking:  Victor LeBlanc, Dave Gates, Charles Gould, Chanel Michaud, Trueman Copp;  thank you to the registration volunteers:  Libby Rayworth, Helen Estabrooks and Dave Gates, and to Angie, who worked on the list from Lounsbury both on Friday and Saturday, to make sure no one was missed.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone, let me know if I did.   Thanks to Lounsbury for all their work in moving their vehicles, providing the bouncy castle, food, music and of course, the prizes.

The RiverValley Vettes show saw 15 Corvettes from the GMCC participate.  Weather turned out nice.  It got quite warm in the afternoon.  They had 51 Corvettes register with a good variety of years.  We had supper (late lunch) at Porter’s Diner.

On June 22nd, members from our club participated in a poker run, hosted by the Corvettes of Southern NB in Saint John.  The run took us through Hampton, Rothesay, Quispamsis, the Reversing Falls, then back to the beginning at Boston Pizza.  Angie & Roger came in second with 2 pairs, but Dave Williams won the $107 jackpot with 3 of a kind.   It was a fun day. 

On June 29th we departed on a weekend trip to the Acadien Peninsula.  It appeared a very promising turn-out taking part in the tour.  However, due to health issues with some of our members, or personal reasons for cancelling, we saw 11 cancellations.   We still have a very good turn out with a total of 15 during the weekend.   It was a fantastic weekend, both weather and activity wise, and well planned out by our hosts, Chanel & Judy.  Thank you for making it happen.   Angie will post the details of the two day trip on our website.

The Financial Statement was presented by Wornick, with a total of $xxxx as beginning balance, expenses of $1.25 from bank charges, deposits of $999.98, and bills presented for payment in the amount of $573.95 (postage, envelopes, paper, rope for show, 2 jackets for show give aways). 

Moved Wornick Price;  Seconded Libby Rayworth.  Accepted.

New Business:   

Congratulations to Trueman Copp on being inducted into the Maritime Motor Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions to snowmobiling and sports.  Greg & Claudette Turner have been inducted as well for their work with the Speed Sport East car show. 

The Atlantic Nationals begin this week, starting with a car show at Action Car & Truck Accessories in the evening (this is usually a very crowded activity, and I suggest that if you plan on attending that you go early), Thursday is breakfast in the morning followed by a tour (GMCC will be going to Kent County), then on Friday we have our annual noon run to Cap Pele, with a return to Moncton for the downtown activities.  The GMCC annual show will be held on Saturday and then the Nationals continue on Sunday.
For the Saturday show, please enter via the Rotary Lodge.  We will need volunteers to help with the parking and to help replace those that will need a break or stop for lunch.  Set up begins at 7:30 a.m., as we have to block off the field for the Corvette show.  Prizes will be given out at the same time as a few awards – no judging this year.  A meal will follow at 4 p.m. at Baci Italia on Mountain Road.

Sponsors have given generously to support the local Autism Resource Centre  and so please use their services when you can:

Action Car & Truck Accessories
Apha Appliance & Solutions
Atlantic Air Cooled Engines
Comfort Home Builders
Flawless Automotive & Paint
Les Pneus Goguen Tires
Maritime Clear Bra
MacDonald Corvettes
Moland Corvettes, Bridgewater, NS
Mr. Lube, Dieppe
Riverview Truck Repair
Shepps Transmission
UNI Financial, Dieppe
Lounsbury Automotive
Mothers’ Wax
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs (Mobil 1)
Corvette Depot

Upcoming events: 
July 14th – Ferry Crossings, Kings County.  Depart McDonald’s, Magnetic Hill at 9:30 am – Dave Fyffe will set up BBQ stop for lunch and then JJ’s Diner in Sussex for supper.
July 18-21 – Trip to Yarmouth.  Departure time will be set on calendar. 
July 27 – Day trip to St Andrews.  Depart 8:30 am, McDonald’s Magnetic Hill.
Aug 4 – Memramcook Car Show
The Ladies’ Run will be held in conjunction with the Sept 15th Shipyard tour.   More details to follow.
The BBQ scheduled for August 11th will be moved from Lindou & Jeanne’s home to Bob & Lana’s home.  We will have details at the August meeting.

A short discussion was held on our club needing more volunteers prior to an event.  For example, we have volunteers to help with parking at the Atlantic Nationals, but no one stepped forward to help out in the preparation, which usually begins two month's prior to the actual show.   Although this year many of those that normally help out have serious health issues and can't be expect to help, we still can't put a show together with just 2 volunteers. 

Another problem facing our club, as a result of the usual volunteers being ill, is the set up and pull down of banners and flags.  This was evident at the Lounsbury show when, although we had a good group step up for setting up, we had no one stay behind to take down our club banners, tables, chairs, pack boxes, etc.  The prizes were drawn, and members left without consideration of what needed to be cleaned up.

And lastly, and most importantly, we have to review our caravan driving habits.   Please do not leave an unreasonable gap between you and the car ahead of you - this is where other vehicles will squeeze in, slow down, and then the tail loses sight of the lead car. You must keep a safe distance but please keep up with the group.   Be alert when passing transport trucks - avoid coming back inline too close in front of the truck - if there is not a comfortable space in front of the truck, lay back until there is safe room.

Meeting was adjourned by Angela Bourgeois.  50/50 was held with Dwight Rayworth taking home $18.

Angela Bourgeois
Minute Taker for Louise Fyffe
Event Calendar / Vettes to Vets - Massachusetts
« Last post by HATE2W8 on June 23, 2019, 06:30:13 PM »
The 16th Annual Vettes to Vets event is   Sunday - September 29th – just a few months away.   This is a rain or shine event but our order is IN for blue skies, bright sunshine and 80 degree weather.
This Corvette Community event is every year on the last Sunday in September – Gold Star Mother’s Day.  We thank the entire Corvette Community for acknowledging the last Sunday in September as
Vettes to Vets day too!
In the past you participated in this patriotic day.  Last year an estimated 700 Corvettes paid tribute to our Veterans.  The Veterans at the Edith Nourse Rogers VA Hospital in Bedford, MA, a Federal Facility, come from every corner of our country and from all walks of life.
We owe our freedoms to the men and women who served and continue to serve their country - from World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan - they all answered the call.

 Now it’s your turn to answer the call….
We hope you will again be part of our tribute and be present to say 'Thank You'.
Please note – if you are planning on staying over at the Courtyard Marriott and you want to take advantage of the fabulous Vettes to Vets rate our room block ends on September 9th. 
Call them today at 978-670-7500 and ask for the Vettes to Vets room block.  The room block is for 100 rooms and we sold out weeks before the event last year.  Don’t delay!
For more details, please visit us on Facebook:  Or call me directly at 781.858.1810. The 2019 Vettes to Vets flyer is attached with all the specifics.
Looking forward to seeing you on   Sunday, September 29th.
- Karen Blandini and the Vettes to Vets Team
Pictures \ Past Events / Corvettes of Southern NB Poker Run - June 22/19
« Last post by HATE2W8 on June 23, 2019, 02:24:22 AM »
Started out in damp, cool weather but 4 Corvettes made the trip to Saint John to take part in that City’s Corvette poker run.   Believe it or not, once we got past Rothesay, the sun came out and 15 Corvettes had a beautiful run through Hampton, Rothesay, Reversing Falls and back to where we started, Boston Pizza. We made a total of 4 stops after picking up the first poker card.   A beautiful ride and lots of laughs. 
Dave Williams of Saint John won with 3 of a kind, while Roger & Angie came close with 2 pairs. 

Thank you to the Corvettes of Southern NB for including us on their run. 
What a perfect day for a Corvette show.  Fifteen Corvettes from our club participated in the Capital City’s RiverValley Vettes club show.  Many of our members took away trophies and cash prizes.  Thank you to the members of the RVVs for putting this show together.   (& thank you to Bob Cormier for some great photos - check out our Facebook page for more).
Event Calendar / Ferry Crossings - Kings County, NB
« Last post by HATE2W8 on June 14, 2019, 04:55:40 AM »
Note Departure Time Change.....

A drive through the ferry crossings in Kings County with a food stop along the way (no picnic needed).
We will also visit a winery. You should have received an update email by now with the details.
Depart McDonald's Magnetic Hill at 9:30 am. 
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2019
« Last post by HATE2W8 on June 14, 2019, 04:49:34 AM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
June 03, 2019       Lounsbury’s Meeting   Room                    7 PM

Present: Roger Bourgeois, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Gary Gaskin, Wornick Price, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Jake Clements, Victor LeBlanc, Doug MacDonald, Dave Gates, Chanel Michaud, Roger and Leotine Boudreau, and Enzo Carboni. (15)

The meeting was called to order by the president at 7:05 PM with a welcome to the 15 members present and an introduction to our new member, Enzo Carboni.

Minutes of the May 06, 2019 meting were accepted as read.

Old/Continuing Business:
a)   Report from Stellarton run with visit to Museum of Industry.  Thanks to Betty May Madden for suggesting the restaurant and the return route. Eight cars participated.
b)   May 26th was the last Knights of Columbus breakfast for the season.  Thanks to the club for their support during the year.  Five cars continued on to Cape Jourmaine.
c)   May 30th began the Bar Harbor weekend with 15 cars from GMCC in attendance.  Bobby Cook’s ZR1 won a major prize and our club won a plaque for club participation.  As always, it was a great weekend.
d)   Current membership is 125.

Financial Report:
       a) Current account stands at $xxxx with expenses of $70.56 for the month and income of $xxxx. (paper account attached to the minutes).  Report accepted as presented.
   Moved: Wornick Price         Seconded: Dave Gates      Approved
     b) The president will purchase gas cards this month for run prizes.

New Business:
a)   June 08 is Lounsbury’s show starting at 9 AM.  Help will be needed for parking.
b)   June 15 is River Valley show leaving Magnetic Hill at 8:30 AM.
c)   June 29-30 --- trip to Lameque and Miscou with Chanel Michaud leading.
d)   Angie Bourgeois met with Cindy Wilcox and Tracy Dunn, Paul’s daughter, where they presented her with a plaque from CCCC for Paul’s dedication to the Corvette hobby and his work on behalf of CCCC.  Roger met with Cindy the next day in Halifax.
e)   June 22 --- Saint John Corvette show leaving Magnetic Hill McDonald’s at 8:30 AM --- poker run registration is on line
f)   July 14 --- ferry run changed from 13th
g)   Members who have ordered from Corvette Depot may receive thank you gifts through the president   
h)   Thank you from the Pinto’s for sympathy card.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
50/50 draw was won by Chanel Michaud for $19.

Secretary Louise Fyffe

President Roger Bourgeois 
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