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Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - December 2017
« Last post by HATE2W8 on December 05, 2017, 09:50:34 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
December 04, 2017​
Lounsbury Meeting Room
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Wornick Price, Charles Gould, Ed LeBlanc, Don MacAuley, Steve Whalen, Vernon Crosswaite, Betty May Madden, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Greg Zwicker and Len Legere and Theresa Hill.
The regular monthly meeting was called to order by the president, Roger Bourgeois, with 17 members present, two persons joined us later.
1)  Minutes of the November meeting were read and approved.
​Moved Louise​Fyffe​Seconded Libby Rayworth​Approved
2)  Financial Report:
(see paper report attached)
​a.  The treasurer reported xxxxxx. as the bank balance.
 ​Moved Wornick Price
​Seconded Paul Dunn​
​b.  Bills for payment totaled $159.81
​Moved Paul Dunn​
Seconded Dave Fyffe
3)  Old Business:
​a.  Fifty members and guests are registered for the Christmas party price $ 25 per person.
​We have gathered an abundance of door prizes for the party, cash bar available.
​Tickets will be sold for Chinese auction for other prizes
​b. The last opportunity for early registration for Atlantic Nationals is December 31
​c. Our annual contribution to the Sue Stultz Drive was seven turkeys.
4)  New Business:
​a. We have ended up with 132 family/members.  Last year was full of events which have ​been reported month by month. The president offered a year end review of various events ​and thanked all those who had participated and volunteered, especially, Charles Gould, ​Steve Whalen, Paul Dunn, Wornick Price, Louise Fyffe and Angie Bourgeois. The club ​looks forward to an excellent 2018. 
​b. Nominations for 2018:
President - Roger Bourgeois
Vice-President - Vacant
Secretary - Louise Fyffe
Communications Director - Paul Dunn
Treasurer - Wornick Price
Event Coordinator – Paul Dunn, members Don MacAuley and Roger Bourgeois
Website – Angie Bourgeois
​c. Dues are now payable and members are encouraged to pay as soon as possible.
​d. The last breakfast for 2017 will be 17 December, kids eat free and Santa will be ​present.
​e. The first breakfast of the New Year will 18 February.  Following the breakfast a ​planning meeting will be held.
The meeting stood adjourned followed by the 50-50 draw won by Len Legere for $20.
Louise Fyffe
Roger Bourgeois
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - November 2017
« Last post by HATE2W8 on November 10, 2017, 04:01:43 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
November 06, 2017
Lounsbury Meeting Room 7 PM

Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Wornick Price, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Don MacAulay, Gary Gaskin, Doug MacDonald, Paul Dunn, Ed LeBlanc, Steve and Marilyn Whalen, Rick and Helen Estabrooks and Charles Gould. (15)

1. The regular monthly meeting was called to order by president, Roger Bourgeois, who welcomed 15 members.
2. The minutes of the October meeting were accepted as presented.
3. Continuing Business:a) The president reported on the final runs of the season:
         i) President’s Run to PEI with 22 cars; thanks to the PEI Club and Erroll and Diane for support.
         ii) Lobster Run with stops at Bob Cooke’s, Alma Lobster Shop, the Look-Out for pictures and Goshen Snowmobile Club.  Thanks to Trueman Copp for setting this up for us.
         iii) Atlantic Corvette Meeting was held on October 27th followed by supper with our Newfoundland visitors.  Members are reminded how important RSVPs are for these events in order to make the correct number of reservations
         iv) Hampton Middle School Show --- we had 8 Corvettes and Lindou was the hit of the show allowing a host of young folks the thrill of revving the engine of a real Corvette!

4. Financial Report:           
        a)  The current bank balance stands at $xxxxxxx with outstanding cheques of $1,243.49. (see attached paper copy). 
                      Report accepted subject to audit.
                      Moved: Wornick Price;   Seconded: Angie Bourgeois     Approved             

        b) Bills for payment and future planning included $75 for the Sue Stultz Turkey Drive, one copy of GMCC 2017 book at $50, and $200 for Christmas party expenses.
                      Moved: Angie Bourgeois;    Seconded: Dave Fyffe     Approved

5. New Business:
        a) The season is done except for two events --- breakfast on November 19th at 9 AM and the Christmas party on December 09 with doors open at 5 PM and dinner at 6 PM.  RSVPs will be necessary for this event and information will be forwarded to all members.  Yankee Swap gift exchange ($15 value) will take place but no silent auction this year.  Cost for the meal will be in the $25 range.
        b) Paul Dunn has prepared 20 copies of his 2017 season book and payment is now due.  The club thanks him for his dedication to this project which provides such a colourful record of our year.
        c) CCCC books are now available and Paul is thanked for his contribution to the publication. 
        d) Please offer your name for the various committees and executive positions that make our club run smoothly.  “Many hands make light work” as the saying goes.
        e) Looking forward to 2018, please consider the Yarmouth event on July 13/14 and make reservations early.       
        f) Doug MacDonald reported on the Corvette dealership thefts that have recently occurred in the city.     

There being no further business the meeting was declared adjourned with the 50/50 prize of $13 going to Dave Fyffe.

Louise Fyffe

Roger Bourgeois
Event Calendar / Christmas Party
« Last post by HATE2W8 on November 07, 2017, 03:27:29 AM »
Doors open at 5, meal served at 6 pm.  Knights of Columbus hall on Murphy Ave, Moncton.
Bring gift for exchange valued $10-15.  Male brings gift for male, female brings gift for Female.  Dress is whatever you feel most comfortable in.   If you’d like to be fancy, you won’t be alone.
Turkey dinner will be served at approx $25/person.  RSVP required.   Any questions, call Roger at 858-7895.
Pictures \ Past Events / Oct 27, 2017 - Hampton Middle School Fall Fair
« Last post by psdunn on October 28, 2017, 04:52:17 AM »
Seven cars left Moncton on an cool, overcast morning for our final run of the 2017 season headed for Hampton, NB and the middle school fall fair which includes a car show.  This annual event is used to raise funds for school activities and it is a day the students look forward to every year.  Our group of Corvettes was given prime parking spots adjacent to the school building and the students loved inspecting the cars up close.  Another member joined us at the school so there were 8 Corvettes there for the students to enjoy.  Lindou started his engine and gave the kids a chance to sit in the car and rev up the engine, creating a long line-up of excited young people.  After the event ended, we all headed back to Moncton on the TCH to end the season.
Pictures \ Past Events / October 21, 2017 - Trueman's Lobster Run
« Last post by psdunn on October 22, 2017, 02:18:28 AM »
This was our last official weekend event for this season and the weather could not have been better and, as a result, we had a large turnout of 32 cars along for the drive.  We left from Riverview and travelled along Route 114 to the village of Hillsborough where we stopped at the home of Bob and Lana Cooke to tour the garage and check out their collection of cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles while enjoying coffee and donuts.  From there, we continued along Route 114 to Alma where we stopped to purchase our lobster at Collins Lobster Shop - beautiful fresh cooked lobsters at a reasonable price.  Many also visited Kelly's Bake Shop to buy sticky buns or other fresh baked treats.  We then drove through Fundy National Park and on the the Goshen Snowmobile Club clubhouse where we feasted on our lobster.  After eating and cleaning up, we drove back to Moncton along back roads through Havelock with a final stop in Salisbury.  It was a great day to wrap up the final weekend outing of the season.
Thanks to Trueman Copp for putting it all together and leading the caravan.
Pictures \ Past Events / October 14, 2017 - President's Run to PEI
« Last post by psdunn on October 15, 2017, 02:04:09 AM »
On a cool overcast morning, 17 Corvettes departed from Moncton headed for the Centennial Bridge and PEI.  We stopped at the Gateway Village on the PEI side of the bridge where we were met by several members of the PEICC to join us on the run.  Our first stop was near the old ferry dock in Borden where we stopped for some photos.  We then travelled east along the coast to the town of Victoria where we stopped at the wharf.  From there we continued east to the Port-La-Joye - Fort Amherst National Historic Site.  From this vantage point you have a clear view of the Charlottetown waterfront and on this day a large cruise ship was in port.  Many in the group said that this would be a good destination to return to in the summer.  From here, we drove to Cornwall for lunch and then Errol Callbeck of the PEICC took the lead for a drive west through the interior of the island and then back to Borden and the bridge.  Although the weather was overcast for most of the time, it was a very nice day and an opportunity to explore places most of us had never been to.  Thanks to Roger, Angie and Errol for putting it together.
Event Calendar / Trueman lobster event/ride
« Last post by HATE2W8 on October 08, 2017, 07:46:56 PM »
The lobster run will see us gather at the PetroCan in Riverview (Pointe Park) with a 9:30 a.m. departure.  We will travel to Hillsborough for a tour of Bob & Lana Cooke's garage.  From there we head for Alma where individually we will purchase our lobster.  Then to the Goshun snowmobile/ATV club for our fiest.  Bring utensils and whatever else you will need to eat the lobster - including sides for yourself and partner.
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - October 2017
« Last post by HATE2W8 on October 06, 2017, 09:23:27 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club​
October 02, 2017​
Lounsbury Meeting Room​
7 PM
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Don MacAuley, Wornick Price, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Helen and Rick Estabrooks, Chanel Michaud, Greg Zwicker, and Dave Gates (14)
1. The regular monthly meeting was called to order by president, Roger Bourgeois, who welcomed 14 members.  ​
2. The minutes of the September meeting were accepted as read.

3. Continuing Business:
a) Our cheque has been delivered to the YWCA who are doing the same work as Crossroads for Women
b) Lindou and Jeanne thanked us for the donation to their cause
c) Veterans Health Centre cheque was received with thanks
d) The president reported on the recent tours (please check the website for details)
e) Special mention is made of the tour to Pabineau Falls where the group met with Aboriginal educator, Gilbert Sewell.  Phillip and Evelyne Valotaire and Yves and Muriel Theriault for their work in making the northern New Brunswick tour such a success were thanked
f) A quilt and pillow made with souvenir T-shirts by Judy Carroll for Roger and Angie was on display
g) We currently have 132 members for the year
h) Roger and Angie will attend an Autism event to present our cheque
4. Financial report was accepted as presented by the treasurer Wornick Price showing a balance of $xxxxxx at the end of September with expenses of $Xxxxxx.
​Moved: Wornick Price
​Seconded: Dave Gates ​Approved
Bills presented for payment were accepted.
​​Moved: Paul Dunn
​Seconded: Chanel Michaud​
5. New Business:
a) Upcoming runs were discussed and details will be found on the calendar and website:
                President’s Run to PEI for October 14th
                Lobster Run to Alma and Goshen on October 21st
​Hampton Middle School car show on October 27th
b) Atlantic Corvette Meeting will be held on October 28th followed by supper at Gusto’s at 6 PM for all those interested in meeting the Newfoundland representatives
c) Paul Dunn has submitted an article and pictures for the CCCC newsletter
d) Information for the upcoming year
i) volunteers are needed in several categories:
- T-shirts
- Christmas party organization for December 9th
- Organization and maintenance of the events calendar
- A website person
- Event committee ​
- The president will check the constitution for designated committees
ii) 2018 events
- Bar Harbour June 01 – 03
- Bowling Green Caravan currently has 15 cars from Eastern Canada and 100 out of a possible 110 booked
- August 19th for Lindou BBQ
- June 29th will be Great Race day in town with pre1973 vehicles
- Suggestions for events:
      Alpaca farm
      Owls Head Museum
      Sculpture tour
      Small museums and historic sites in our area
​iii)​We are thinking of the Corvette Owners Association of Puerto ​Rico and the disaster they are suffering at this time.
6. There being no further business the meeting was declared adjourned on motion of Angie Bourgeois.
​The 50/50 draw netted $14 for Don MacAulay

Roger Bourgeois
Louise Fyffe
Event Calendar / Car show
« Last post by HATE2W8 on October 06, 2017, 12:06:00 AM »
Day run & car show, Hampton, NB - leaving McDonalds, Magnetic Hill at 10:30 am.  Show at Hampton Middle School.  Show runs from12-2:30. 
All types of show cars are invited to the Hampton Middle School for a student organized car show.  The Corvettes will depart from McDonald's, Magnetic Hill, at 10:30 a.m. (show runs from 12 - 2:30 p.m).  Lots of activities at the school, including craft/bake sale, used clothes/toys, silent auction.  Great time planned.
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