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Pictures \ Past Events / July 12 to July 15, 2018 - Yarmouth Maritime Meet
« Last post by psdunn on July 17, 2018, 12:10:46 AM »
At 8:30 am, 12 Corvettes set out from Dieppe bound for Wolfville en route to Yarmouth and the Maritime Meet.  We followed the Trans Canada Highway as far as Truro where we exited onto Route 236 and followed it to the Glooscap Trail, a picturesque road that winds along the coast of the Bay of Fundy - lots of twists and turns, great for our Corvettes.  We stopped for lunch at a renowned restaurant on the Trail named the Flying Apron where they pride themselves on featuring fresh, local ingredients, right out of the garden.  Following lunch, we drove a short distance to the Avondale Sky Winery where we browsed the gift shop and tasted some of their wines.  We continued on secondary roads to the town of Windsor and then followed Hwy 101 to Wolfville.  Before checking into our motel, we drove through Port Williams and Canning to a scenic lookoff to admire the beautiful scenery around the Minas Basin and to get a group picture.  From there, the group headed to the Old Orchard Inn to check in, get settled and clean up their cars before going to dinner in the motel restaurant.

On Friday morning we hit the road at 8:30 am and travelled on secondary roads towards our destination, crossing the Annapolis Valley to travel on a coastal road to Annapolis Royal where we parked the cars on the town wharf and had lunch in an old town building converted into a tavern.  The fish cakes were very popular and very good.  After lunch, we completed our journey to Yarmouth, checked into the Road Grand Hotel and, of course, cleaned our cars!  After dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, most of our group watched the parade of cars and trucks, approximately 360 of them, as they slowly drove down Main Street past the hotel to kick off the Seafest festival.  After the parade, a group gathered at Rudder’s Pub for finger foods and a guessing game based on our personalized licence plates which was won by the team led by GMCC President Roger Bourgeois.

On Saturday morning we all drove down Main Street to the designated Corvette parking area for the Maritime Meet show and shine and the 60 cars on hand drew a lot of attention throughout the day from the large crowd in attendance at Seafest.  As can be seen in the pictures, Main Street was packed with spectators enjoying all the cars and trucks on a perfect day.  When the awards were presented, we had 5 winners from GMCC:

Dana & Doris Willis - C5 Convertible
Roger & Angie Bourgeois - C6 Widebody
Roger Cormier - C7 Coupe
Bob Steeves - C7 Convertible
Don MacAulay - C7 Widebody

After the show, we drove our cars back to the hotel and wandered down to the docks for our harbour cruise and to watch the fireworks.  While cruising the harbour, beverages of all kinds were available and we were served a delicious seafood chowder.  We returned to the wharf to watch the fireworks display and, since they were being launched from boats circling the harbour, we had ringside seats and they were SPECTACULAR!!  The sights and sounds surrounded us and it was hard to know where to look from minute to minute, truly a memorable show.

Sunday was our travel home day, bringing great memories with us.

Thanks to Dave Gates for organizing and leading our trip from Moncton to Yarmouth and to Ivan & Amanda Hines for putting together and hosting a first class event.  Members, if you do not have a room booked for next year, do it soon because they are filling fast and this is an event you do not want to miss.
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2018
« Last post by HATE2W8 on July 12, 2018, 04:37:34 AM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Monthly Meeting, July 2, 2018
Lounsbury, Moncton

Attendance:  Don MacAulay, Debbie MacPherson, Wornick Price, Charles Gould, Rick & Helen Estabrooks, Paul Dunn, Chanel Michaud, Victor LeBlanc, Kelly Lewis, Ken Cameron, Greg Zwicker, Roger & Angela Bourgeois
Roger welcomed all members.  Membership currently stands at 122.  This meeting is very important as it is the last meeting  before our annual show and shine.
The minutes of the last month’s meeting were read.  No errors or omissions.  Minutes stand as read.

Old Business: 
June 9th was the show at Lounsbury, Moncton.  This was a big success with 140 Corvettes in attendance, 50 of which were members from the GMCC, terrific showing.  Thank you to the other club members for participating. Great prizes were given out.  Special thank you to Lounsbury’s staff, and Rob Blair for leaving his ZR1 on display.

RiverValley Vettes had a great show as well with 15+ Corvettes from GMCC.  The weather was good.  Congratulations to Roger & Leontine for winning the President’s Choice and to Jake for people’s choice.

The Hemmings Great Race was very interesting to attend.  There were a few glitches and I will try to find out from the organizers what the misunderstanding may have been.  I’ll have an update at the next meeting.  The participant vehicles in this race were phenomenal.    I was fortunate enough to volunteer where they were driving in and had ½ hour to explore once they were parked.  My main objective was to see the ’65 vette.  I was able to talk to the owner, Don Martin and his wife Pat.  They were from Texas, very nice folks.  Dan is a restorer of C1’s and C2’s and is also an NCRS judge.  I gave them our club pens, pins and a decal – he collects decals.  When they were ready to leave, I escorted them directly to the Delta. 

The Golden Oldies car show in Miramichi saw 9 Corvettes from our club participate;  5 from Moncton and 2 from Balmoral and 2 from Petit-Rocher.

The St-Martin’s run was cancelled after hearing different stories about the road condition and checking it out for myself.  The fresh tar and loose gravel was terrible – I turned around and I was driving an SUV. Also, the forecast was for rain, but it turned into a nice day.

Financial Report: 
Wornick reports that the balance is $*****.    Motion to accept the financial report by Wornick, approved by Paul Dunn, seconded by Chanel.  Report accepted.   Bills for payment presented were for show dash plaques, sponsors billboard, and hats, which will be sold for $15 each.   Greg Zwicker approved bills for payment, Chanel seconded, approved.

Roger noted that we have 15 sponsors for the show, donations to Autism Resource Centre, but we have lost Gary Steeves Insurance.  They are experiencing cut backs in their donation budget.  Our dash plaques were already on order, so you will notice that they are still listed as a sponsor.  So we will be $200 less than last year’s donations.

New Business:
Oct 7th is a Teen Pageant  and I’ve been asked by the Committee chairman if we could drive the gals around the block in Dieppe, near City Hall, to drop off at the red carpet.  I assured them that it shouldn’t be a problem, so please consider volunteering for this community activity.  It will be much appreciated.  If it rains, this will be cancelled.

We will have to order more club pins by next summer.  We have approx 50 left.  Every new members gets one, so if you have not received one, please let me know.

The agenda of activities for the week of the Atlantic Nationals was read.  Everyone was sent a copy via email from Paul Dunn.
We need volunteers to help with Parking at the Show on Saturday:  Don MacAulay, Charles Gould, Steve Whalen, Greg Zwicker, Roger Bourgeois.  Volunteer for door prizes:  Charles Gould, Rick Estabrooks, & Roger Bourgeois.  Registration table volunteers:  Angela Bourgeois, Rick & Helen Estabrooks.
After making a few inquiries on the topic and getting positive feedback, I’ve decided to eliminate judging at our show.  It is a lot of work to prepare for voting, counting ballots, getting awards set up, not to mention needing a computer, electricity, and needing at least 3 extra volunteers at the show.  We will continue to have club participation and people’s choice awards and would encourage all members to vote for other than our own members’ Corvettes.
Prizes have been coming in and so thank you to everyone who is helping collect.

The upcoming trip to Wolfville/Yarmouth will take place on July 13-15.  Thirteen Corvettes are booked at the Old Orchard Inn (2 from Ontario) and 2 cars will be joining us for meals and drives.  It should be great 4 days.

July 29th is the planned Beaubear Island and Petitmor tours.

Sept 30th is the Vettes to Vets in Massachusetts, information is already available on their website.

Chanel tells us that once the Rimouski motel rooms are gone, he can always have more added if there is a need, so if you think you might like to go on this fantastic trip, please let him know.

Greg Zwicker thanked the membership for the donation to Autism on behalf of his mom.

Meeting was adjourned by Helen.   She won the 50/50 at $13.00.

Angela Bourgeois
Minute taker in Louise Fyffe’s absence
Roger Bourgeois

Pictures \ Past Events / July 4 to July 8, 2018 - Atlantic Nationals
« Last post by psdunn on July 10, 2018, 01:44:54 AM »
Once again, the Nationals week was an extremely busy time with something going on almost continuously from the afternoon of July 4th until the afternoon of July 8th and the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, with one exception.  On Friday at around noon, the skies opened up with rain and thunderstorms and, unhappily, this coincided with the first driving event hosted by the GMCC!  Our departure from Dieppe had not left the parking lot before the rains came down and it was clear that the gathering clouds had scared away some would be participants as there were only 10 cars in our little caravan compared to 25-30 cars for this run in previous years.  We drove along Highway 15 to Cap Pelé through the downpour at about 80 kph, careful to avoid the standing water in the grooves of the road as much as possible to minimize hydroplaning.  In Cap Pelé, we stopped at Fred’s Diner for a very nice lunch and then proceeded on our annual visit to Michel LeBlanc’s incredible collection of signs and memorabilia (automotive and otherwise).  As always, there were new additions and lots of other items missed in previous visits, all of which remind one of simpler, kinder times past.

The main show began on Saturday, the 7th, as the Nationals invaded Centennial Park and our club held our annual show and shine within the Nationals - a show within a show.  We had excellent support from the other clubs within the region, as well as visitors from Ontario and Quebec and our final car count was about 130 Corvettes of all years, models and colours.  This year, we did not have judging and awards for all the classes but instead, presented a club participation award and an award provided by the the Nationals for the Peoples’ Choice.  The Corvette Club of Nova Scotia won the club participation award and the Peoples’ Choice Award was won by David Ronayne for his 1971 Vette.  In addition, everyone who registered at the GMCC table won a prize during the day.  Following the awards presentation, we drove to the Baci Italia Restaurant for a very nice Italian dinner where the major door prizes were drawn:

$1,000 voucher for tires from Michelin/Goguen Tire donated by Leon Caissie was won by Greg and Debbie Zwicker
Elle earings from André Cormier, La Mine d’Or, won by Amanda Hines
Corvette car blanket, donated by Judy Carroll, was won by Paul Dunn

After dinner, most of the attendees drove out Mountain Road along the National’s cruise route where crowds of spectators lined the street to enjoy watching the cars and trucks parade past.

The majority of the Corvettes returned to the park on Sunday to enjoy the day and to attend the awards and prizes presentations.  The presentations began at 3:00 pm and there were many of them to go through as they built up to the drawing for the Grand Prize, a beautifully restored and customized 1966 Chevrolet El Camino.  The crowd was hushed as the name was drawn and when it was announced that the winner was Bertrand Drapeau, a roar went up from the GMCC gang as we realized that one of our members had won!!  Everyone there was thrilled (though not as thrilled as Bertrand) that a GMCC member had finally cashed in on the big one after many years at the Nationals.  Gilles Chiasson also won a major sponsor plaque from Canadian Tire for his 1960 yellow car.  I heard that Roger Cormier also received recognition for his 2015 red Stingray.  All in all, it was another fantastic event.
Pictures \ Past Events / July 1, 2018 - Golden Oldies Show - Miramichi
« Last post by psdunn on July 02, 2018, 03:50:52 AM »
Lead by Victor and under a cloudy sky 3 C5's and 2 C6 left MacDonald Magnetic hill to attend the Golden Oldies car show in Miramichi. 4 more members joined us at the show. There was no voting for cars over 1993 but 3 of our members nevertheless won door prizes. Also the weather got better as the day went on. 4 if us took highway 11 back home and three stop for supper in Bouctouche. The event was well attended with a large parade  for Canada Day.

Report and pictures submitted by Chanel Michaud.
Event Calendar / Golden Oldies Car Show - Miramichi
« Last post by psdunn on June 22, 2018, 10:59:30 PM »
Our club has been invited to attend the Golden Oldie Car Show in Miramichi on Sunday, July 1st.  The show takes place on the Newcastle waterfront and runs from 1-5 pm.  We will depart from the McDonald’s Magnetic Hill restaurant at 10:00 am.
Pictures \ Past Events / June 16, 2018 - Fiberglass Alley
« Last post by psdunn on June 17, 2018, 01:27:03 AM »
Seventeen Corvettes left Moncton on a clear, cool morning headed for Fredericton and Fiberglass Alley, the annual show and shine of the River Valley Vettes.  We arrived at World Class Auto on Bishop Drive around 11:00 am, registered and got about cleaning our cars.  Two of our members met us there so we were a total of 19 cars from GMCC.   The weather was quite warm in the afternoon, a beautiful day for the show.  When the prizes were awarded, we had five winners from GMCC:

Best in Class awards were won by Andre Richard, Victor LeBlanc and Roger Cormier;
Participants' Choice was won by Jake Clements; and,
President's Choice was awarded to Roger Boudreau.

Congratulations to all 5 winners.

After the awards were presented, we went to Porter's Diner for a group meal and some additional prize draws before heading for home.

Thanks to the River Valley Vettes for hosting a great show.
Monthly News Letter / GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2018
« Last post by HATE2W8 on June 14, 2018, 08:49:33 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
June 04, 2018​
Lounsbury Meeting Room​
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Gary and Susanne Gaskin, Don and Debbie MacAuley, Wornick Price, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Victor LeBlanc, Doug MacDonald, Dave Gates, Chanel Michaud, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Don Barrett, Greg Zwicker, and Dave Barrett (21)
The regular monthly meeting was called to order by the president at 7 PM with 21 members in attendance. 
Minutes of the May 2018 meeting were accepted as read.
Continuing Business:
a) Membership now stands at 110
b) Thanks were extended to Don MacAuley for his organizational work for Speed Sport East.  His team of volunteers was also thanked by the president.  Don noted that next year’s organizer should be in touch with Lounsbury’s for upgraded support for the display.
c) The president reported on the May trips to: Point Sapin with thanks to Paul and Monique Girouard for their help; to car collection in Lincoln with thanks to owner Mike Greer; and to the Bar Harbour event where our club won the plaque for best club participation with 21 cars in attendance. 
Financial Report: (paper copy attached)
​The balance as of June 4/18 is $Xxxx
Moved: Wornick Price​Seconded: Libby Rayworth​Approved
Bills for payment included 12 gas cards for $300 and postage for $34.36
Moved: Rick Estabrooks​Seconded: Dave Gates​Approved
It was noted that the first two gas cards went to Paul Dunn and Jake Clements on the Bar Harbour trip.
New Business:
a) Club Corvette Bois Franc (Hardwood) from Victoriaville, Quebec plans to have 9-10 cars coming for Atlantic Nationals.  Brochures have been forwarded to their president.  Hotel accommodations will be an issue on that weekend.
b) Atlantic Nationals brochures were also delivered in Bar Harbour.
c) The Lounsbury Car Show is June 09 rain or shine.  Many prizes are to be won and you must be present for those draws.  Lounsbury’s is our major sponsor and you are strongly encouraged to show your support of this event.  Our autism charity will be holding the annual BBQ and there will be a bouncy castle for the kids.  Angie, Helen, and Libby will work the registration desk.  Other volunteers will be needed for parking cars.
d) Please check the website for current information on upcoming trips.
e) Special note re the June 29th Great Race stop in downtown Moncton.  Volunteers will be needed for parking support.  Dave Gates is the contact for this event.
f) Bowling Green 2019 information and registrations are still available.  Rick Lattimer is the Atlantic Canada representative for this trip.
g) The president emphasized the importance of maintaining a constant speed when travelling in caravan.  Slowing down affects all cars behind you.  Proper spacing is important when large numbers are travelling together.
For the alpaca farm tour $100 gift certificate will be given to the owners and $200 worth of goods will be purchased for gift draws.
​Moved: Don MacAuley​Seconded: Doug MacDonald     Approved
i) Greg Zwicker needs the names of those willing to volunteer for the Poppy Campaign for Legion Branch #6
Meeting was adjourned at 7:55PM on motion of Angie Bourgeois
50/50 draw was won by Paul Dunn for $21.
Louise Fyffe
Event Calendar / Fundy Trail Grand Opening
« Last post by psdunn on June 14, 2018, 04:56:50 AM »
Leaving McDonald's, Magnetic Hill at 9 a.m. to travel to the Fundy Trail in the St Martins, NB area.  We will meet up with other car lovers at the 4 Seasons Complex, NB Route 111, for a 12 noon cruise to commemorate the Phase 11 Grand Opening of the Fundy Trail Parkway.
Once the ribbon has been cut by the dignitaries, we will be be the first cars to travel completely through the Parkway.  The first 150 cars will receive a dash plaque.
There is no charge, no admission cost.  We will either participate in the Show 'n Shine or make our back at leisure.
Event Calendar / Lobster Run
« Last post by psdunn on June 11, 2018, 11:25:42 PM »
Riverview to Alma to Goshen Snowmobile Club - details to follow.
Pictures \ Past Events / Re: June 9, 2018 - Lounsbury Corvette Show
« Last post by psdunn on June 10, 2018, 03:53:56 AM »
More winners.
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