Author Topic: Aug 3, 2013 - A Day at the Shore - Lipton's Cottage  (Read 2877 times)


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Aug 3, 2013 - A Day at the Shore - Lipton's Cottage
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Eight Corvettes departed from Moncton on this bright, sunny summer Saturday bound for the cottage owned by members Mike and Jeanne Lipton on the shore of the Northumberland Strait.  We drove to Shediac and then on to Elgin so we could travel the coastal secondary roads to Tatamagouche.  Unfortunately, Dwight and Libby Rayworth were waiting for us to pass the Sackville interchange on the main highway to join us and after what seemed like an interminable wait, they set out on their own and caught up with the rest of the group in Tatamagouche.  At this location, we also met three additional cars and so our group for the final leg of the trip consisted of a dozen cars.
The first order of business after arriving at the cottage was a barbecue lunch followed by some incredible desserts and then a neighbour's boat was recruited to take 4 of our members on a tour of a deserted island about 7 km offshore.  Although there is no human habitation on the island, there is a navigation light and numerous birds make it their home.  Some of those left at the cottage lounged in the water and others sat around and solved all the problems in the world.  After our intrepid boaters and swimmers returned to shore and changed into dry clothes, it was time to head home, good timing based on the dark clouds moving in and the sound of distant thunder.  We did encounter a few brief thundershowers on the road to Amherst but then it cleared and the sun reappeared.  Most of the group stopped in Aulac for dinner while a couple went on through to Moncton.
Many thanks to Mike and Jeanne for their generous hospitality - it was a wonderful day at the shore.