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June 1, 2014 - St Martins
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On a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, 17 Corvettes set out from Moncton headed to the town of St Martins for lunch and a tour of the Fundy Trail.  Our journey took us along the Trans Canada Highway to Sussex Corner where we turned off onto Route 111 and travelled south through forested, hilly terrain to beautiful St Martins on the shore of the Bay of Fundy.  The forests are dressed in light shades of green as the trees sprout their new foliage for the coming summer season after a very long, hard winter.  We  stopped for lunch at The Caves Restaurant located right on the beach and we were joined there by our local guides for  the afternoon, Claudette and Greg who just happen to be Angie's sister and brother-in-law.  After lunch, we drove along the coast to the entrance to the Fundy Trail and followed it to the very end where we parked and enjoyed the views.  The trail is still under construction and it is planned to join up with Route 114 at the entrance to Fundy National Park in 2017 and it will then be possible to drive from Saint John to Moncton along the coast.  In addition to the roadway, there are many paths and trails along the way to enjoy this spectacular part of our province.  On our return trip, we stopped at the Interpretive Centre and learned about the history of the area and the thriving community that used to exist at the mouth of the Salmon River built on lumber and ship building.  Some of the group headed directly home from St Martins while the rest of us travelled west along the coastal route to the Saint John Airport in Rothesay where we stopped to rest and enjoy a frozen treat before getting back on the TCH for the trip back to Moncton.