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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs Meeting, April 16, 2016
« on: April 20, 2016, 06:27:28 PM »
Wendall Munn, CSNB   
Vern & Julia Patriquin, RVV
Kingsley & Colby Lewis, PEICC   
Errol, Dionne, Amber Callbeck, PEICC
Roger & Angela Bourgeois, GMCC   
Angela & Troy Wallace, CCNS
Matt Meade, CCNS

Glen & Michelle Best, NFCC
Ray Cromwell, LCC

Meeting began at approx 10 a.m. in the Lounsbury Chevrolet Dealership boardroom.  Roger chaired the meeting, welcoming the group.  We acknowledged the passing of NS member Cynthia Arsenault since our last meeting.

Roger read the email from our friends in Newfoundland, Michelle & Glen Best, who are excited about their upcoming trip to NB & PEI.  They will have 3 Corvettes travel to the Atlantic Nationals in July, arriving on the 5th.  They will stay in Moncton until July 11th, travelling to Summerside where they will stay 2 nights before boarding for home on the 13th. 

Roger read the email from Ray Cromwell of the Loyalists CC in Saint John.  Ray regrets that he forgot to make note of the date of the meeting and now had prior commitments.  He tells us that from the 2nd week of January until the 1st Sunday of December they attended 42 events.  Some weekends had 2 events.  There are no overnight trips planned for 2016.  The club has started a lottery, winner takes all, with the draw held at their Christmas party.  He sends thanks to GMCC for hosting the meeting.

Next up was Vernon from the RiverValley Vettes out of Fredericton.  He & his wife are making a weekend of the meeting schedule.  Arrived yesterday, took in part of the Speed Sport East car show at the Moncton coliseum and taking in the remainder following the meeting. 
Membership for the RVV is slow moving, with 28 members current, but they have a full executive this season.  The members will be entering some vettes in the Fred Rod show this year and there are 7-8 fun runs organized.  Vernon explained how the club started with their founding members in 1992 with Terry Blackburn & Jerome Connors, who have been made honorary members.  Terry’s health no longer permits him to participate but Jerome has continued to be an active member through the years.

The information on Fiberglass Alley has been sent to all the clubs.  See you all in June (17-19).

Wendall, representing the Corvettes of Southern NB out of Saint John, thanked GMCC for hosting the meeting in Moncton.  They currently have 35 members, but once the Corvettes come out, it is anticipated that more will join/rejoin.   Their show will be held the weekend of August 5-6 – more details will be out soon.  Wendall welcomes any comments about last year’s show.   There is a new web site set up for their club.  All are encouraged to check it out.

The club will attempt to send representation to all other club shows. 
Throughout the winter months, they’ve held breakfast and lunch get togethers.  They are looking forward to summer.  They are working at encouraging their membership to step up and help with events, etc. 
They donate to charities in the area.

Errol, representing the PEI Corvette club, also thanked Moncton for hosting this meeting.  It is early in the season for their club as well , but they usually have 25 members.   Some examples of activities they host  are January “ Barrett Jackson auction”  pot luck;  February Valentine’s Day get together at a restaurant.

August 13-14th is the 2016 show dates.  Similar to last year;  they will find us a new route to explore on the Saturday run and the show itself on Sunday will be at the Action Car & Truck Accessories shop. 

Again this year their members will do their best to attend as many of the other Corvette club shows as possible.   Their members appreciate very much the support  from other Corvette Clubs as they are a small group and the other Corvettes are what makes the show.   
Looking forward to summer as well.

Next up was Matt, representing the NS Corvette club.  Matt also thanked Lounsbury & GMCC for the meeting location.  He also acknowledged the passing of Cynthia Arsenault , from their club.  The club does not currently have an executive, and as a result of Cynthia’s passing, her husband Peter stepped down from position of President,  A few members are helping out in the interim, including Angela Wallace as secretary.  They also have 6 chapter reps across NS.   Current member is around the 70-80 mark.  Their charity is the Heart & Stroke foundation in Cynthia’s memory. 
They had a large gathering at the Christmas party in January, which was around a supper & Dooly’s pool.

Maritime Meet, their club’s annual show, will be held on July 23rd.  Debbie Palmer is once again taking care of organizing this show.  An email will be sent out with the details.

All other club events are marked on their calendar to send representation.   The first event for their club is in May (meeting spot Bedford Commons) which is a run in the Bridgewater area.  There is a huge car show/cruise weekend coming up in Yarmouth.  Also, an Oak Island/Scarecrow Festival weekend on September 24-25, being set up by Debbie Palmer.   Their members often attend other car shows in their areas.  They have a “ driver”  lottery again for this year where the winner must be present at the Annual General Meeting in order to claim the prize – last year was $1100.
Their web site is kept up-to-date;  they have a facebook page;  they send out a monthly newsletter during the summer months; they are looking into purchasing a brick at the National Corvette Museum (once our dollar value goes up a little more); getting name tags made for the members and have business cards done up to promote the club.

Last but not least, Roger gave an update for the Greater Moncton Corvette Club.  The club has a very busy calendar ahead.  We begin with a club display at Speed Sport East, held this weekend; Bar Habour tour June 3-5; trip to Windsor, On, from June 5-14, which is open to other clubs as well (we have 9 confirmed and 4 more spaces available);  June 25 is the annual show at Lounsbury Chevrolet;  a weekend trip to the Gaspe coast on July 1-3;  Atlantic Nationals July 7-10; run to Cap Pele on the 8th & GMCC show on 9th;  we have 15-17 members going to the Yarmouth show hosted by NS;  Memramcook show on July 31st;  Steeves family reunion on July 22nd; Scarecrow/Oak Island tour on Sept 23-25; then the President’s run will be scheduled later for a run to Fox Harbour (perhaps Oct 15 or 22).

We will be submitting an order for ACCC decals again.  NS has requested 100 and Moncton will take 150.

Angela will send an email sharing the other club’s email contact information.
Next meeting will be held on Saturday, October 29th.

Have a great summer everyone !

Angela Bourgeois, Minute Taker

Addendum from NS:   
President: Matt Meade
VP: None at this time
Secretary: Peter Arsenault
Treasurer: Angela Wallace
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