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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs meeting, October 29, 2016
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:00:58 PM »
Michelle & Glen Best, NLCC
Harry & Patsy Bartlett, NLCC
Kingsley Lewis, PEICC
Erroll Callbeck, PEICC
Wendall Munn, CSNB
Paul Dunn, GMCC
Don MacAulay, GMCC
Steve Whalen, GMCC   
Vernon & Julia Patriquin, RVV
Ray Cromwell, LCC
Roger & Angela Bourgeois, GMCC

       The meeting began at 10:00 a.m. in the Lounsbury Chevrolet dealership staff boardroom.  Roger agreed to chair the meeting and welcomed everyone, with a special welcome to our friends from the NLCC.

       The Atlantic Canada Corvette Club group was formed to meet twice a year.  It was determined that the executives (or representatives) from each club would participate, while club members are welcome to come and observe (this just keeps the meetings to an appropriate time length).  The meetings are set up to iron out problems that might have occurred in each club during the previous months and to build on cooperation between all involved so that our hobby can prosper and we can all continue to have fun.

The minutes of the last meeting were read.

       Wendall Munn, representing Corvettes of Southern NB, Saint John, tells us they have 35 members this year and are not as active as they would like.  They are hoping 2017 will see more activities as they select an event coordinator.  45 Corvettes attended their show in August.  The club has a web site as well as a Facebook page.  Their Christmas party will be held on December 10th;  they donated $1,000 to local charities;  and the 2017 executives will be chosen at their next meeting.
St. Andrews has been discussed for a few years as a location for all the clubs to get together for a weekend but because nothing more has resulted from that planning, it is now cancelled.  Instead, thoughts are being put to organizing a Tri-City (Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton) poker run.  Wendell requested consideration on that activity.

The 2017 show will be held on August 5th weekend.

     Michelle Best, representing the Newfoundland & Labrador Corvette Club, was next to discuss their club.  The NLCC reps are pleased to be in Moncton this weekend and thanked everyone for including their club in the founding of this group.  Michelle explained how difficult it is for their reps to make the journey to Moncton (logistics, costs), otherwise they would certainly be present more often.   She thanked everyone for making them feel so welcomed and it was nice to see friends again that they have made over the past 2 yrs.
The particular purpose of their attendance is to promote their club and Newfoundland in hopes of getting a good turnout for the planned trip to their island in 2017.  An itinerary for the 2017 Newfoundland trip was given to Roger for consideration and their club members will certainly help organize in any way they can.

The NLCC also has a website and Facebook page set up.   They currently have 33 members.  They are hoping for a successful and busy 2017 Corvette season.  Some planned activities already include: June 24/26 to Gander; August a rally which tests time, distance, speed; September golf tournament.  They will finish this year with a Christmas part & pool tournament, to be held at a member’s home.

Plans are now being discussed to celebrate their club’s 15th anniversary in 2018.  These plans include an invitation to all the other club members to participate in a Caribbean Cruise, which will take place approx. April 8-15, 2018 on an Eastern Caribbean cruise ship from Cape Canaveral, Florida (all inclusive, except liquor).  It is sure to be a fun trip and having as many Corvette club members on board would make it that much more so.   Please pass along this info to your own club members.

Michelle asked the group about insurance to cover slalom and auto cross racing.  They have a quote of $500 and wanted to know what the other clubs paid.  Unfortunately, no other club conducts slaloms, etc.

Michelle tells us that Harry will be the V-P for 2017.

     Ray Cromwell up next.  Ray represents the Loyalist City Corvettes, Saint John.  Ray thanked Moncton for hosting and Lounsbury for offering the room.  He is pleased to meet the folks from the Newfoundland club.

The LCC currently have 22 cars/43 members in their club.  This year they will have 35 activities.  They have a BBQ or some activity monthly at a member’s home.  They support the Lions at their monthly breakfast.  Bottom line is that they drive a lot and eat a lot, while enjoying each other’s company.  Some representation was sent to all the car/Corvette shows this year.  They plan no overnight trips.  The club sells $2 tickets and this year the pot is $600, drawing to take place at their Christmas party.

Ray discussed at length the process he has been through and is going through to have the front license plate requirement removed for vehicles in NB.  He was successful in the past couple of years to have the “seasonal” plate implemented and now it looks like the seasonal plates will be extended from 7 to 12 months’ duration.

     Vernon, representing RiverValley Vettes of Fredericton, tells us they have 31 members and although a small club, that number has been consistent for the past 20 years.  Their club meets on the first Monday of each month; very active considering club size (10 members usually participate in each event); 3rd Sunday of the month breakfast at sponsor’s restaurant (pictures of all club vettes posted on the wall); they attended 2 parades, 6 Vette shows, 1 indoor show, 5 fun runs, 5 times to the US for shows, and 9 other car shows.  They have a RVV events lottery ($5 tickets, optional) and the draw is held at their Fall foliage run- this year the winner received $500.  RVV have a blog site.

No executives have yet been selected for next year, but others will be advised once that is completed.

     Errol, representing the PEI Corvette Club, thanked Moncton for hosting and stated it is nice to see the NLCC members in order to have all clubs together at one meeting.  Their club has 25 members, 8-10 of which are active.  They continue to try to get more active members.

In 2016 their show saw 45 vettes on the Sat run, 70 participants at the BBQ & auction, and 39 vettes registered for the Sunday show, which had to close down early due to the rain.  Made for cozy conversations inside the Action shop.  Next year the date will be August 19th weekend; working on Saturday’s run to take a different route.

In 2016 the members tried to participate in as many shows as possible; Other activities included a weekly cruise night during the summer. 

This year’s Christmas party will be held on November 27th in Charlottetown; winter plans are as each year: Barrett-Jackson auction pot luck, Valentines get together, and hoping to take in a monthly breakfast.

Again, it is very nice to see our friends from Newfoundland.

     Peter then introduced himself, representing the NS Corvette Club.  They have 84 members with 66 Corvettes.  They have a Facebook and web site running.  They hold 50/50 draws; as well as a drivers’ lotto (motivation is to get members to the annual general meeting, where you must be present in order to win).

Executive meeting will be held tomorrow and hoping to vote in 5 positions. 

Debbie & Brian Palmer have officially retired from organizing their annual show and shine.  The Maritime meet is tentatively scheduled for July 22nd at Stuart’s Kia; however, much thought is being put into joining the Yarmouth show on July 14-17 to see if that would work for the Maritime Meet.  They have a large spot, for 90 Corvettes.

The insurance information that Matt Meade has been checking out for the ACCC group has concluded that the cost would be $500/club (insurance will not cover slaloms or racing).  Please check with Matt if you want to get more info or to obtain that insurance.

The NS club has inquired about purchasing a large brick memorial at the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.  Cost of a single small brick is approx. $250 US, while the larger block (24” x 24”) would be $2700.  Because of the current exchange rate, the NS has decided to cancel that venture.  However, Peter thought perhaps the ACCC might be interested.  If the cost were divided among the 7 clubs, it would be more reasonable and a good promotion for the clubs.

The NS club has forwarded a club patch to be placed on display at the GM assembly plant in Bowling Green.  He explained that other clubs can go online and contact them to send them your own crest.  There is no charge.

     Just out of curiosity, Vern asked the group what each club charges for annual membership.  The following replied:   CCNS = $35; PEICC = $35; CSNB = $25; GMCC = $25; NLCC = $60; LCC = $25; RVV = $25.

      Last, but not least, was Roger, representing the Greater Moncton Corvette Club.  Our club is currently at 95 members (we count couples as 1). 

Our season started very early this year and was quite active right up to yesterday.  We started the season with our display at the Moncton Coliseum’s Radical Speed Sport in April; visited Doug Bannon’s car collection; Rolly MacDonald’s car collection; tour of Cape Tourmantine; trip to Windsor Ontario (touring Belleville/Trenton, 2 days in Niagara Falls, London, 3-day tour of Windsor, Corvette show in Dieppe Park across from the City of Detroit).  During that trip we visited Steve Plunket’s car collection with 80 Cadillac’s,  3 vettes, 4 Buicks where a car show was held at his home – only Corvette members were treated to an exclusive tour of his garage situated under his home); then the Lounsbury show;  RVV show; 3 day weekend along the Gaspe Coast of Quebec; Atlantic Nationals (thank you to the volunteers from Saint John that helped park Corvettes for us); Yarmouth weekend;  CCNS show; Memramcook show; CCSNB show; PEI show weekend; Oak Island tour of the film site of the series Curse of Oak Island/Mahone Bay car show the following day; Fox Harbour golf resort tour; to name most.

During our charity’s recent AGM, we presented them with a cheque for $2,000 and they surprised our club with a recognition aware of Sponsor of the Year.  We also support the Knights of Columbus by attending their monthly breakfast when possible as they raise funds for school children’s breakfasts.

Our Christmas party will be held on December 17th at the Centre Patrice LeBlanc hall – all are invited to attend (off Murphy Ave, Moncton).  We have  a fun gift exchange where a male brings a gift for a male and a female brings a gift for a female valued at no more than $15.

Roger felt it was worth noting at this time, since all executives are present, the ongoing problem of making sure Corvettes are well spaced during our annual shows.  It is difficult, when using commercial parking spaces, to keep the vettes between the lines and still allowing room for the owners to move around while making final detailing efforts; removing roofs, or just trying to get in and out of your car on a windy day without the doors getting away from you and hitting the vette next to you.  It is very important that attention be given to this problem as we don’t want to end up with embarrassing situations.  Please encourage those in your club who are assigned to help with parking that this has to be taken into consideration.

Next year’s highlights are a trip to Newfoundland approx. (July 26- Aug 6); Memramcook car show; Radical Speed Sport Moncton coliseum (April 21-23); Atlantic Nationals (July 5-9); GMCC show on July 8th;  Lounsbury Corvette Show (date in June to be determined); Yarmouth show (July 14-15); CCNS show July 22nd;  CSNB show (Aug 5); PEI show (Aug 19-20).

The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon.

Next meeting to be held on April 22nd, 2017 at 10 a.m. in the Lounsbury Dealership boardroom, Moncton.

Angela Bourgeois, GMCC
Minute Taker