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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs meeting April, 2017
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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs
Meeting, April 22, 2017
G.M.C.C. – Roger Bourgeois, Paul Dunn                               R.V.V. – Wanda Gadd, Julia Patriquin
L.C.C.C. – Raymond & Kathleen Cromwell                           C.S.N.B. – Sylvia Blanchard
P.E.I.C.C. – Errol & Dionne Callbeck, Kingsley Lewis           NFLD.C.C. - absent
C.C.N.S. – Matt Meade
Roger reported that the G.M.C.C. has about 90 Corvettes and their first activity for 2017 is a Corvette display in the 43rd. annual Radical Speedsport Show at the Moncton Coliseum. The May 7th. Fundy Run route may be altered due to road conditions so potential attendees should monitor their web site re updates. The G.M.C.C. annual Show-n-Shine will take place July 8th. in conjunction with the Atlantic Nationals. The show site will be the same as previous years but may change in 2018 due to construction in Centennial Park. Registration will take place at the Wesleyan Church on St. George as in previous years. Lounsbury’s Show-n-Shine will take place June 10th. with a rain date of June 24th. Roger initiated a discussion on the need/desire for one vs. two A.C.C.C.  meetings per year. The group decided it will continue with two for next year. Roger also urged fellow clubs to have sufficient parking spaces at their events.
Raymond announced that their club has a membership of 20 Corvettes and approximately 37 people. They hold one electoral meeting per year which also  approves the summer schedule. This year L.C.C.C. has 47 planned activities including attending fellow Corvette Club shows, many BBQ’s for members & guests and a combined outing with R.V.V. and C.S.N.B. to Hartland for their Aug. 6th Summerfest. All communication are via e-mail or in-person. Raymond reported that L.C.C.C. raised $704.00 from a through an activity attendance draw. The winner got $500.00 and $204.00 was donated to a local food bank. Their moto is to “ drive, look, eat and spend time with friends”. Raymond informed members that more changes are coming re seasonal and personalized license plates.
Errol began by thanking the G.M.C.C. for hosting the meeting and expressed their pleasure in again seeing the representatives from the other clubs.
The P.E.I C.C. currently has between 20 and 25 Corvettes in their club. Vettefest 2017 will take place Aug. 19th. & 20th. and will be similar to previous years. Visiting clubs will again meet at the Gateway Village on the P.E.I. end of the Confederation Bridge for the Saturday morning tour. There will be a Saturday evening BBQ and the Sunday show-n-shine at Action Car & truck Center. Errol reviewed their Nov. 27th. Xmas party, the Jan. Barrett Jackson pot luck party, the Feb. Valentine’s Day party and their St. Patrick’s Day pot luck party. The P.E.I. club will also do a Wednesday evening cruise night for the 2017 summer.
Matt informed members the C.C.N.S. was founded in 1974 and currently has about 80 Corvettes. The C.C.N.S. is a provincial club consisting of 6 regional chapters.  The 2017 executive consists of the following: President: Matt Meade, V. President: Ivan Hines, Treasurer: Angela Wallace, Events Coordinator: Troy Wallace. They also have a newsletter editor and a charity coordinator. Their 2017 charity is Feed N.S. Matt mentioned the Breakfast Club which runs from Nov. to Apr. and their 2016 Xmas party at the True North Diner/Dooley’s.
C.C.N.S. first 2017 outing  will be a May 7th. run to Bridgewater with a number of stops along the way.  They will run their 50/50 driver’s lotto again this year and are also having a new club logo designed.
The 2017 Maritime Meet will be held in conjunction with the Yarmouth Seafest Festival on July 14th. to July 16th. in Yarmouth, N.S. Last year this show hosted between 500 & 600 Cars and 35 Corvettes.  Friday evening, July 14th. features a parade, street dance and a private event for the Corvette folks at Rudder’s Restaurant. Saturday, July 15th. features the free registration, the show-n-shine, a boat cruise with live entertainment and refreshments, prizes and trophies and a evening concert at Rudder’s. More specifics to come.
The group welcomes Sylvia Blanchard as the new C.S.N.B. President. Sylvia informed the group the their club has about 40 Corvette and a membership of about 67. Their monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month. C.S.N.B. attended an April 8th. Maple Syrup and Pancake breakfast that was enjoyed by all. They also plan to hold a monthly cruise night. C.S.N.B. will host their 2017 annual show-n-shine on Aug. 12. Details will follow. Sylvia mentioned their continued support of local food banks with anonymous donations at meetings and events for a year end presentation. They encourage folks to visit both their website and Facebook page.
R.V.V. is pleased to announce that Wanda Gadd has volunteered fill the role of President of the club for 2017. John Johnston and Julia Patriquin have agreed to continue as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The group was informed that R.V.V. has approximately 30 Corvettes and 60 members in their club. They have monthly breakfasts at R.V.V. sponsor Porter’s diner and monthly meetings at the local Legion. An added feature to our monthly meetings is an invitation to members to present a Show-n-Tell. To date we viewed a video presentation of our Fall Tour together with Rick Kelly’s U.S.A./Canadian Tour. ( very interesting ) May’s Show-n-Tell  will be an on-site presentation re riding horses hosted by R.V.V. member Jerome Connor. Fiberglass Alley 2017 will take place on Saturday, June 17th. at World Class Auto, Bishop Drive, Fredericton, N.B. This year Fiberglass Alley will be a one day event consisting of the Saturday Show-n-Shine followed by a short run to Porter’s Diner for a post show meal. There will cash prizes and class trophies. Also, this year there will be an on-site lunch time BBQ & refreshments. It should be noted that the parking spaces at Fiberglass Alley are 100 inches in width. ( slightly larger then normal spaces ) Attendees need to inform show parkers if they are uncomfortable with the space and they will be assigned an alternate location. This year marks the 25th. anniversary for R.V.V. and plans are being formulated to acknowledge the mile stone.
Finally, on a sadder note, this winter R.V.V. member Terry Blackburn passed away. Terry was one of the two founding members of the River Valley Vettes Corvette Club. Terry’s wife Jacquie still has the original 1976 Corvette tagged  “ Legend “ and has been made an honorary life member of R.V.V.
Respectively Submitted,
Vernon Patriquin for Angie Bourgeois
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