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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - May 1, 2017
« on: May 06, 2017, 01:18:28 AM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
May 01, 2017​
Lounsbury Meeting Room​ 7 PM
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Paul Dunn, Gary Gaskin, Charles Gould, Ed LeBlanc, Don MacAuley, Wornick Price, Steve Whalen, Jake Clements, Ken Cameron, Trueman Copp and Chanel Michaud (17)
1. The regular monthly meeting was called to order by President Roger Bourgeois with 17 members being welcomed. He was happy to report that we have passed our 100 member goal as a result of Speed Sport East registrations and the anticipated list from Lounsbury’s new sales.
2. There were errors in the minutes which were corrected (Roger and Angie Boudreau should have read Roger and Angie Bourgeois).  The corrected minutes were then accepted by the membership.
3. Old Business:
a) Speed Sport East was a great success.  Don MacAuley did an excellent job of organizing our event.  Many companies and individuals were thanked for their support (see attached list).  The Hot Wheels give away for kids was a hit with 300 being distributed.  This year’s judging was unfortunately weak; however, our cars won several plaques and awards.  Leonce Cormier won the $3,000 tool box from NAPA.
b) Atlantic Corvette meeting was held at Lounsbury’s this past Saturday. The minutes from that meeting have been published on our web site.  Please note the various events that have been planned by the provincial chapters.
4. Financial report was presented by the treasurer (see attached).  Current account is $Xxxxxx.
Payment of bills was approved.
​Moved: Angie Bourgeois​Seconded: Libby Rayworth​Approved
5. New Business:
​a) Ivan Hines has offered to provide the club with a new banner.  Ideas will be entertained at the June meeting.
​b) Upcoming runs ---
…May 7th to Alma, meeting at Magnetic Hill at 9 AM, organizer Trueman Copp
…May 21 to Cambridge-Narrows, route organizer Dave Fyffe
…May 28 to Parrsboro
c) We have been assured that the City will not be changing the Centennial Park pool until after the summer so we will have time to find alternative space in the park
d) Maritime Motor Sport news --- car show is coming up on June 04 from 9 Am to 2:30 PM; new executive members are needed for the upcoming year; annual meeting will be held on May 7th at noon; fund raisers will include Mother’s Day Extravaganza and a golf tournament in August; volunteers are always needed at the show room
e) Bowling Green Caravan 2019, August 25 – 31; web site is or Facebook at 2019 New England Corvette Caravan.
f) Date for the Lounsbury Show is still being finalized.
g) Members are reminded to include new members and are encouraged to wear our name tags.
There being no further business the meeting was moved adjourned by Angie Bourgeois.
The 50/50 draw was won by Ken Cameron for $14.
Secretary Louise Fyffe​
President Roger Bourgeois
Speed Sport East contributors and supporters:
Don MacAuley was the main organizer
Lloyd’s of Moncton --- curtains
Alpha Solution – Brad Hamilton --- interlocking floor
Hansen Sign – Nick --- signage
Lounsbury’s --- feature car Z06 and Special Edition Grand Sport; entry fee support
Volunteers who helped with Thursday set-up; those who policed the roped off display; Leontine and Roger Boudreau, Charles Gould, Bernard and Christian Landry, Wornick Price, Eric Gall, Chanel Michaud, Victor LeBlanc, Trueman Copp, Paul Dunn, Dean Hannay, Roger Gallant, Ed LeBlanc, Steve and Steve Whalen, Don and Debbie MacAuley, Brian and Rita McQuinn