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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - June 2017
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:34:19 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
June 04, 2017​
Lounsbury Meeting Room​7 PM
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Roger and Leontine Boudreau, Paul Dunn, Dave Fyffe, Gary Gaskin, Charles Gould, Ed LeBlanc, Don MacAuley, Wornick Price, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Jake Clements, Trueman Copp, Doug MacDoanld, Dave Gates, Chanel Michaud, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Don Barrett and Lawson Bell. (22)
1. The regular monthly meeting was called to order by the president, Roger Bourgeois, with 22 members present.  Four new members were welcomed.
2. The minutes of the regular May 2017 meeting were accepted as read.
3. Old Business:
a) The president reported on the most recent runs:
​i) Alma was cancelled due to rain and will be rescheduled
​ii) Cambridge Narrows had 21 cars and 2 new members --- this  became ​the first official run of the season;
​iii) Joggins, Parrsboro, Masstown run had 13 cars and 4 new members;
​iv) Bar Harbour event had 12 cars from GMCC with a total of 139 cars --- ​our club placed 2nd in club participation and four of our members won first ​or second place in their categories with 3 cars attending from our northern ​NB membership.  Our aim is to have 20 cars at this event for 2018.
​v) Wornick Price and Ed LeBlanc attended the Maritime Motor Sports ​event.

4. Financial Report: 
a) The financial report was accepted as presented by the treasurer (see attached paper copy).
​​Moved:   Wornick Price​   Seconded: Chanel Michaud​  Accepted
​b) Bills for payment were approved.
​​Moved: Angie Bourgeois​   Seconded: Libby Rayworth​  Accepted
 c)Roger Bourgeois will purchase the gas cards for the season.
​Moved: Angie Bourgeois. ​Seconded: Charles Gould​  Accepted​

5. New Business:
a) Lounsbury’s Car Show on June 10th with weather alternative June 24th.  Great prizes and a large show expected.  Help will be needed to park cars, and at registration desk with Angie.  Autism tent will be set up for food.  Two comp applications for Atlantic Nationals will be drawn at this show.
b) Fredericton Car Show to be held at World Glass Auto --- leaving Magnetic Hill at 8:30 AM on June 17th.
c) Sackville/ Beausjour on June 25th (timings to follow on calendar)
d) Pictou on July 02 for tall ships event --- parking for 35 cars on the waterfront has been arranged by Rollie MacDonald. If Rolly is not available his wife Judy will be there. This trip will go regardless of rain unless weather is dreadful and will leave Dieppe at 7:30 AM with a half hour break at exit 07.
e) We received a thank you card from Bob and Monica Richard for our donation in memory of his sister.
f) 2019 Caravan Atlantic captain will be Rick Lattimer from Nova Scotia.  He will conduct the trip to Gettysburg then to Bowling Green.
g) The new banner donated by Ivan Hines was displayed
h) Atlantic Nationals are now 45 days away and sponsorship for the T shirts was discussed.  After discussion --- we will purchase about the same as last year and we encourage pre-ordering to ensure correct sizing.  Any additional prizes are to go to Charles Gould.
i) Dave Gates made a brief description of the July trip to the Annapolis Valley and on to Yarmouth.
​New name tags will feature our new crest. It was suggested we spend up ​to $400 and Trueman Copp would like to make a donation toward this ​work 
​Moved: Angie Bourgeois       seconded: Wornick Price      Carried
​The club will make a $500 donation to Crossroads for Women Moncton.
​Moved: Angie Bourgeois       seconded: Ed LeBlanc          Carried
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned followed by the 50/50 draw which netted $ 21 for Don MacAuley.
Secretary Pro Tem   Dave Fyffe
President   Roger Bourgeois ​