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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2017
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Greater Moncton Corvette Club monthly meeting was called to order by the President Roger Bourgeois at 7 p.m. on July 3, 2017.  Present were:  Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Wornick Price, Charles Gould, Chanel Michaud, Ed LeBlanc, Don MacAulay, Steve Whalen, Paul & Monique Girouard, Dwight & Libby Rayworth, Rick & Helen Estabrooks, Jake Clements and Dave Gates.

Roger welcomed the group, including new members.  Special thank you to Dave Fyffe for taking the minutes last month, which were read.  No errors or omissions, minutes stand as read.

Old Business:
The Lounsbury Corvette show was a big success with 115 vettes counted, excluding dealership vettes.  Kendall has expressed their thanks to our members for making it happen.  Roger apologized for the confusion on the Tshirts being given away.  A list was not available for who had pre-registered.  Next year this will be one of the priorities.  We will ask that window cards are given at registration next year (this was missed).  We had five members join at this event, making our total now at 113.  Thank you to Angie for coming through at registration, despite being under the weather, and to Charles Gould, Don MacAulay, Leontine & Libby for all their help on event day.  Thank you to Lounsbury’s staff and anyone else that I possibly missed, for making this show work.  Weather also helps.
The Fredericton show was attended by 4 vettes from Moncton;  twenty nine vettes total in the rain.  We ate Porters after the show.
Last weekend started at Dieppe Blvd. Irving, to the TCH, to Fort Beausejour.  A good turn out with 23 Corvettes.  We spent about an hour at the Fort, touring the museum and the majestic grounds.  Then on to Aulac Big Stop for lunch, only 5 minutes away.  After lunch, the group got separated and some of us went to the NS Tourist Bureau while the rest continued to the destination, Campbell’s Carriage House.  Once altogether, two tour guides divided us up.  We experienced watching a working blacksmith shop.  They explained the different processes and techniques that were employed in the good old days.
Our trip to Pictou was another great success.  We met at the Irving, Dieppe Blvd, leaving at 7:40 a.m. to meet our deadline at the destination.  We were joined by members Rick & Helen in Amherst, then a stop at Ultramar, exit 7, Highway 104, were we were joined by 2 of our members living in NS.  Brian & Debbie joined-in near Masstown, while Betty-Mae joining near Pictou.  When we arrived at Rollie MacDonalds’, we were a total of 23 Corvettes & 1 Nissan.  Rollie gave us a tour of his racing shop and property, an excellent host.   We were shown his ’62, which he is turning into a pro rod.  From Rollie’s, we proceeded to downtown Pictou to our reserved parking on Main St. and in the RCMP lot.  During our stay a vette from NS joined our group.  Unfortunately, when they parked, they left the barricade off to one side, allowing a small truck to enter our parking and when the driver tried to back out, he damaged 3 vettes. (Ola’s rear fender guard; Bob Cooke’s mirror; and the mirror on the couple who joined from NS).    It was very obvious there was no room to enter with a vehicle, but this gentleman from Ontario thought he could make it.  The RCMP officer kept the driver waiting while he completed ALL of the paperwork.    This reminds us that all members need to practice being aware of how barricades, ropes, etc., are placed when we are parked.  If you see something that needs to be moved, then please step up.
We spent time on the waterfront enjoying the tall ships, there were 4.  We had lunch then walked around the waterfront.  The Bluenose was spectacular to see.  We wrapped up around 3 p.m.  Rollie led us through Pictou with his beautiful 67 Greenwood Green, 427 , for a small Corvette parade.  He has never  driven this vette in the rain, but was willing to take it on damp roads to lead us downtown.  Thanks to Rollie for an excellent day.  The sun came out around 10:30 and stayed throughout the day.  We drove home via the Sunrise Trail, which is a good Corvette road with only a few exceptions.

Gas card drawn on the Fredericton run was won by Angie; and the Pictou cards were won by Darrin Carter and Paul Dunn.

Financial Report:
Wornick read our financial report.  Bills for payment were presented (hats, lanyards, dash plaques & award plaques for our show).    Angie motioned to accept the report and Libby seconded.

New Business:
GMCC’s show and shine is next weekend, starting on Thursday with breakfast at the Lions in Riverview; a run to Shediac, Bouctouche, lunch at Pizza Delight there, then back to the Wesleyan Centre for our registration packs.  We leave on this run at 10:00 a.m. from Irving, Dieppe Blvd.
Friday we meet at 12 noon at the Irving on Dieppe Blvd, for departure to L’Aboiteau in Cap Pele for seafood lunch at La Dune and a tour of Michel LeBlanc’s personal collection.  His collection consists of everything from old oil cans, neon signs, dolls, toys, bicycles, pinball machines, … these are all in #1 condition.  Back to Moncton to relax and then to the downtown Rock and Roll Street Party and car show.
Saturday you can register for the day at the Wesleyan Centre/Church for a cost of $25.   Once registered, parking will be from the Rotary Lodge entrance.  We will rope off a section, starting around 7:30 a.m., set up banners around the field and set up registration desk.  We have received lots of prizes for the show.  Thank you to everyone who donated or got the donations.  We enjoy setting up the show but we are also helping the Autism Resource Centre reach their goals financially to help all these great kids and their families.   We need volunteers to help park cars.  Charles Gould will be organizing the prizes.  We will need someone to count ballots manually or electronically.  We have to redo the ballots because they do not include the 2017’s.   
Angie suggested that rather than making ballots, voting, counting, etc., that we appoint 3 independent judges to walk around and select the best vette in each category.  The group agreed this would be a good idea.   
We will sell tickets on a poster Autism was given.  They will set up their usual BBQ on Sat & Sunday with their own volunteers.
After our show, we will eat at the Swiss Chalet in Dieppe.  We have reserved a room that holds 60.  Prizes will be given at this spot as well.  Following supper, we will go on the cruise route to Vaughn Harvey, Collishaw, Killam Dr, Wheeler, Mountain Road to King.  Some will part ways after supper.
Sunday parking is not reserved but most vettes will return to the same spot as our show.  1st come, 1st parked.
All weekend, we will have 4 or more from Ontario, 2 or more from the US, and 2 or more from NF.  Others may also be in town, but these are the ones that have contacted me.  Please make them feel  at home with us, as we all have tendency to socialize with our own members.  Also, due to the large influx of new members, it’s possible they are from our own club as I haven’t met all either. 
There will be a car show at Action Car & Truck Accessories, on Horsman Road, on Wed evening from 6:15 –9:00 p.m.   We will meet and leave the Tim Hortons across the street for 6:00. Please support this sponsor.   I have another function to attend, so I’ll be leaving the show early but Angie will be staying with the vette.
The Yarmouth car show.  We will be leaving on Friday at 8:00 a.m. from the Irving, Dieppe Blvd.  Staying in Wolfville overnight.  Dave & Sharon Gates will tour us around the area.  Next day it’s on to Yarmouth for a car show,  a portion of which is the Corvette Maritime Meet.  During the afternoon there is a boat tour, for which you must pre register.  Ivan Hines has limited space but will add a second boat if there is enough interest. 
St Martins car show is the following weekend, Saturday, July 22nd.  Leaving McDonalds, Magnetic Hill, at 8:30 a.m.   This is always a great spot, with lots of trees and walking distance to the Bay of Fundy caves and beach.
During our trip to NF, there may be emails sent out for runs.  Contact Paul Dunn if you’d like to plan something as well.
The trip to NF runs from July 26th to August 6th. 
On August 6th is the Memramcook car show.  Leaving Irving, Dieppe Blvd, at 8:30 a.m. or meet in the parking at the Memramcook Institute.  This is a 1st come, 1st parked and the grounds get filled quickly.
Vettes to Vets, hosted by Corvettes in Massachusetts, is a great show.  It will be held on September 24th.  The hotel, Marriott, 276 Concord Rd., Bellerica, Mass, will give you a special rate of $95/night.  It is an excellent hotel, reserve by Aug 25th, 978-670-7500.  Special evening buffet $25 per person; breakfast is $10/person.  Last year they had 575 Corvettes.  This is a big fundraiser for the local veterans at that facility who are in need of everything from shampoo to socks.  I have personally attended this event twice and it is a wonderful experience, not to mention fun with the local corvette club members.
Meeting was adjourned by Angie.  The 50/50 was won by Paul Dunn in the amount of $14.00.

Angela Bourgeois
Temporary Minute Taker

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