Author Topic: October 21, 2017 - Trueman's Lobster Run  (Read 1812 times)


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October 21, 2017 - Trueman's Lobster Run
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This was our last official weekend event for this season and the weather could not have been better and, as a result, we had a large turnout of 32 cars along for the drive.  We left from Riverview and travelled along Route 114 to the village of Hillsborough where we stopped at the home of Bob and Lana Cooke to tour the garage and check out their collection of cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles while enjoying coffee and donuts.  From there, we continued along Route 114 to Alma where we stopped to purchase our lobster at Collins Lobster Shop - beautiful fresh cooked lobsters at a reasonable price.  Many also visited Kelly's Bake Shop to buy sticky buns or other fresh baked treats.  We then drove through Fundy National Park and on the the Goshen Snowmobile Club clubhouse where we feasted on our lobster.  After eating and cleaning up, we drove back to Moncton along back roads through Havelock with a final stop in Salisbury.  It was a great day to wrap up the final weekend outing of the season.
Thanks to Trueman Copp for putting it all together and leading the caravan.