Author Topic: October 14, 2017 - President's Run to PEI  (Read 1263 times)


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October 14, 2017 - President's Run to PEI
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On a cool overcast morning, 17 Corvettes departed from Moncton headed for the Centennial Bridge and PEI.  We stopped at the Gateway Village on the PEI side of the bridge where we were met by several members of the PEICC to join us on the run.  Our first stop was near the old ferry dock in Borden where we stopped for some photos.  We then travelled east along the coast to the town of Victoria where we stopped at the wharf.  From there we continued east to the Port-La-Joye - Fort Amherst National Historic Site.  From this vantage point you have a clear view of the Charlottetown waterfront and on this day a large cruise ship was in port.  Many in the group said that this would be a good destination to return to in the summer.  From here, we drove to Cornwall for lunch and then Errol Callbeck of the PEICC took the lead for a drive west through the interior of the island and then back to Borden and the bridge.  Although the weather was overcast for most of the time, it was a very nice day and an opportunity to explore places most of us had never been to.  Thanks to Roger, Angie and Errol for putting it together.