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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - November 2017
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:01:43 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
November 06, 2017
Lounsbury Meeting Room 7 PM

Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Wornick Price, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Don MacAulay, Gary Gaskin, Doug MacDonald, Paul Dunn, Ed LeBlanc, Steve and Marilyn Whalen, Rick and Helen Estabrooks and Charles Gould. (15)

1. The regular monthly meeting was called to order by president, Roger Bourgeois, who welcomed 15 members.
2. The minutes of the October meeting were accepted as presented.
3. Continuing Business:a) The president reported on the final runs of the season:
         i) President’s Run to PEI with 22 cars; thanks to the PEI Club and Erroll and Diane for support.
         ii) Lobster Run with stops at Bob Cooke’s, Alma Lobster Shop, the Look-Out for pictures and Goshen Snowmobile Club.  Thanks to Trueman Copp for setting this up for us.
         iii) Atlantic Corvette Meeting was held on October 27th followed by supper with our Newfoundland visitors.  Members are reminded how important RSVPs are for these events in order to make the correct number of reservations
         iv) Hampton Middle School Show --- we had 8 Corvettes and Lindou was the hit of the show allowing a host of young folks the thrill of revving the engine of a real Corvette!

4. Financial Report:           
        a)  The current bank balance stands at $xxxxxxx with outstanding cheques of $1,243.49. (see attached paper copy). 
                      Report accepted subject to audit.
                      Moved: Wornick Price;   Seconded: Angie Bourgeois     Approved             

        b) Bills for payment and future planning included $75 for the Sue Stultz Turkey Drive, one copy of GMCC 2017 book at $50, and $200 for Christmas party expenses.
                      Moved: Angie Bourgeois;    Seconded: Dave Fyffe     Approved

5. New Business:
        a) The season is done except for two events --- breakfast on November 19th at 9 AM and the Christmas party on December 09 with doors open at 5 PM and dinner at 6 PM.  RSVPs will be necessary for this event and information will be forwarded to all members.  Yankee Swap gift exchange ($15 value) will take place but no silent auction this year.  Cost for the meal will be in the $25 range.
        b) Paul Dunn has prepared 20 copies of his 2017 season book and payment is now due.  The club thanks him for his dedication to this project which provides such a colourful record of our year.
        c) CCCC books are now available and Paul is thanked for his contribution to the publication. 
        d) Please offer your name for the various committees and executive positions that make our club run smoothly.  “Many hands make light work” as the saying goes.
        e) Looking forward to 2018, please consider the Yarmouth event on July 13/14 and make reservations early.       
        f) Doug MacDonald reported on the Corvette dealership thefts that have recently occurred in the city.     

There being no further business the meeting was declared adjourned with the 50/50 prize of $13 going to Dave Fyffe.

Louise Fyffe

Roger Bourgeois