Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs meeting, October 2017

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October 28, 2017 – Moncton, NB

Vern & Julia Patriquin, RVV
Errol Callbeck, PEICC
Kingsley Lewis, PEICC
Ivan Hines, CCNS
Don & Sylvia Blanchette, CSNB   Ray & Kathleen Cromwell, LCC
Don MacAulay, GMCC
Paul Dunn, GMCC
Roger & Angela Bourgeois, GMCC
Glen & Michelle Best, NFLCC
Harry & Patsy Bartlett, NFLCC
Chris & Renee Barrett, NFLCC

Roger Bourgeois chaired the meeting.  The meeting began at 10:00 a.m. at Lounsbury's boardroom.

-Representing the PEICC is Errol Callbeck & Kingsley Lewis.  Errol thanked Moncton for hosting and supplying snacks.  Their club membership is small but steady.  Their 2018 show will be held on August 18 & 19.  Vettefest will have the same format as previous years;  Saturday run, BBQ and the show on Sunday at Action Car & Truck Accessories in Charlottetown.  This year's show saw 48 Corvettes for the Saturday run and 55 registered at the show on Sunday (include 8 vettes from the US who stopped in) , despite the rain.   Thank you to the other clubs for making the show a success.  Thank you for the auction items donated, particularly those donated by Ivan Hines.

The club tried to send representation to all the Corvette shows.  Thank you to Roger & Angie for making their club's President's run to PEI;   and also, thank you to them for organizing the NF trip and thank you to the NF members for caring care of us while we were there.

Christmas party is coming up soon;  on January 20th we get together for a Barrett-Jackson-Pot-Luck; we have a February Valentine's breakfast;  the club is going to attempt to have a monthly breakfast gathering as well as weekly cruise nights in May & June.

There are 2 couples currently registered to take part in the 2019 Corvette Caravan. 

-Representing the Corvettes of Southern NB, Saint John, is Sylvia & Don Blanchette.  Sylvia thanked Moncton for hosting.   They have approx 68 members and are a very busy club.  Members attended 12 car shows, except NF & PE; 2 shows in Maine (Bar Harbor & Ellsworth).

The club's annual show saw 41 vettes in attendance, despite the rain.   A&W is their sponsor and hosted a couple of show and shines.  They went on a few runs in conjunction with the Loyalists Corvette Club of Saint John.   They collect food bank donations at every meeting and include a cheque to that charity at year end.  Their Christmas party will be held on Dec 1st.

The club has new jackets that they are very proud of.  Members who attended the Atlantic Nationals had fun.

There will only be a few changes to the Executive for 2018.

-Speaking on behalf of the NFLCC and the 6 members present at the meeting is Chris Barrett, President of the club.  There are no activities planned yet for 2018.  There are approximately 40 members in their club.   The club members were very pleased to host the Moncton & PEI members who made the 10-day trip to NF.

The members attended car shows, including their sponsor's, Hickman Motors, which is a large Corvette dealership.  That show was the biggest Corvette show attended, with 15 Vettes.

There are 2-3 couples planning on attending the 2019 Caravan.  The Christmas party will be held on Dec 9th, and the members participate in a winter brunch every 2nd Sunday of the month.

-Ivan Hines spoke on behalf of the NSCC.  Their membership consists of 95 members (120 Vettes).  The annual show has moved to Yarmouth and this year there were 600 cars in their parade, it seemed to have been a success  (41 Corvettes from the NS club, 16 from other clubs, and 1 from the US).  The club members held a trivia night on Friday of the show, with $200 gas cards as prizes (test of corvette knowledge);  Saturday was a cruise on the water with folks being split onto 2 fishing boats.

For 2018 the show will again be held in Yarmouth, and will be from July 13-14, with a possibility of including an activity on Sunday.  The Rodd Grand Hotel is the best location for accommodations, with the Corvette club securing 10 rooms at approx $150/night.  There will be special/private/secure parking.  The boat cruise might be changed to Saturday evening to take in the fireworks on the water.

-Representing the Loyalist Corvette Club of Saint John is Ray & Kathleen Cromwell.  Their club has 21 Vettes with 40 members.  From Jan to Dec, their members will have participated in 46 activities. 

This summer we were joined by the CSNB and Fredericton clubs for a trip to Hartland for their "Hartland Market Fest".  Although it wasn't a car show, when we showed up, we became the main attraction.  There were about 20 Corvettes and about 6 muscle and antique cars joined in. All 1282 feet of the bridge was blocked off and there were 90 vendors from all over the province.  Pizza & pop vendors were on the street.  In the coming year, all 3 clubs would like to increase their attendance and we hope that Moncton would join us.  It is held on NB Day weekend (Monday).  We arrive around 11:00 a.m. and leave at 2:30 pm.  No registration fee.

The club has Subway as a corporate sponsor.  The members pay $2 per activity and their name is put into a draw where winner takes all, to be held at the Christmas party.  Last year the winner walked away with $704.  They accepted $500 and returned $104 toward the food bank charity.   BBQ gatherings are held on a regular basis.

- Representing the RiverValley Vettes out of Fredericton was Vern & Julia Patriquin.  Vernon tells us they are a small club and that their major sponsor is World Class Auto, where their annual show and shine took place this year.   Porter's Diner is another sponsor, which is a car-themed restaurant.  This is where the club has breakfast or supper (alternating)  every 3rd Sunday of the month.  Another sponsor is the SPCA. 

Vernon believes representation from the RVV was at every Corvette club show, with the exception of NF.  They also participated in many "all cars" car shows.   Wheels on the Waterfront, held in Bangor, ME, is the second weekend in September.  This is a major, overnight outing for their club members.   They participate in a Tuesday evening ice-cream-run during the summer months.

The RVV's new executive is not yet chosen and there are no details yet for the 2018 annual show.  It should be held on Father's Day weekend and may include a rain date this year.  Their after-Christmas-Christmas party will be held in January.

-Roger spoke for the Greater Moncton Corvette Club.   Again, welcome everyone and thank you for coming, especially our friends from NF.  To repeat the purpose of this meeting, it is to get information on past events and most current dates for future events.
Our club receives great support from the Lounsbury dealership, which is one of the 3 dealerships in Canada.  They have sold 32 new Corvettes since Jan '17.

The season 2017 began with monthly breakfasts at the Knights of Columbus to help their cause of breakfasts for school children without;  April sees us in the Speed Sport East show (10 vettes on display); Bar Harbor in June with 12 Corvettes (this was an extremely fun event); Lounsbury's show in shine in June with 110 Corvettes on display;  RVV show, despite the rain; Fort Beausejour & Campbell Carriage factory tour; Pictou tall ships; Atlantic Nationals; Yarmouth CSNS show; St Martin's car show; Nfld trip (3 vettes and 1 pitt crew SUV – a very enjoyable trip and I consider it one of the best trips I've ever made, with special thanks to our personal tour guides – we saw places & scenery that we never would have found on our own); Saint John show;  BBQ at our members, Jeanne & Lindou's, home; PEI show weekend; Caraquet/Bathurst/Pabineau Fall (including a private smudging with Elder Sewell);  President's run (great success since we had PEI members take the lead on a relaxing cruise); Trueman's Lobster run/tour of Bob Cooke's garage (29 Corvettes & I Ferrari on that run alone).

The donation to our charity, the Autism Resource Centre, this year was a cheque for $3200; a cheque to the YWCA for $250;  the Canadian Legion $250, Big Brothers/Big Sisters $75 and then 5 turkeys to the Christmas Food bank drive.   We ended our season with 132 paid members (we count family applications as 1 rather than Corvettes as some members have several).

We already have some 2018 events set up:
Speed Sport East, Moncton Coliseum, April 13-15
Great Race car show, Moncton downtown, June 29
Atlantic Nationals, Moncton, July 4-8
Lounsbury Show and Shine, Moncton, June 9

Our members will continue to support other club shows as we feel this is an important way to keep our hobby alive while having  fun.

The group shared membership fee information as follows:
GMCC's fee is $25/year;
RVV is $25/year;
NFLCC is $60/year;
SJCC is $25/year;
PEICC is $35/year;
LCC is $25/year; and
CCNS is $35/year

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 a.m.
Next meeting is scheduled for April 14th.

Angela Bourgeois
Minute Taker for the Greater Moncton Corvette Club

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