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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - February 2018
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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
February 05, 2018   Lounsbury Meeting Room   7 PM

Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Gary Gaskin, Charles Gould, Ed LeBlanc, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, and Greg Zwicker (11)

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by the president at 7 PM with 11 members present.  Following the welcome Angie was thanked for carrying the January meeting in the absence of the president.

Minutes of the January meeting were accepted as read.

Continuing Business:
   The 2018 events calender was reviewed and refined and will be published on the website and adjusted in that same format as the year progresses.

Financial Report:
   In the absence of the treasurer the president presented the following information:
Account balance at the beginning of the month   $xxxxxxx
Withdrawals                                                                   $599.74
Deposits                                                                          $758.23
Expenses                                                                         $165.38 (Christmas party supplies)
                                                                                        $432.36 (web site renewal for 3 years)
                                                                                             $2.00 (bank service charge)
Account balance of usable funds                                $xxxxxxx

Approval of the report
   Moved: Charles Gould   
         Seconded: Paul Dunn      

Approval of $100 membership for Maritime Motor Sport Hall of Fame.
   Moved: Angie Bourgeois   
         Seconded: Greg Zwicker

New Business:
a) Current paid membership for 2018 is 70 plus.
b) Next breakfast is Feb.18th at 9AM.
c) The club will need a member to be responsible for the shirt project for the 2018 Nationals.  Angie is retiring from this position and will mentor the incoming person/s.
d) The club will join NAAC for the coming year as usual.

There being no further business the meeting was declared adjourned at 8 PM.
The 50/50 draw was won by Helen Estabrooks for $11.50.

Secretary Louise Fyffe

President Roger Bourgeois       
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