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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - July 2018
« on: July 12, 2018, 04:37:34 AM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Monthly Meeting, July 2, 2018
Lounsbury, Moncton

Attendance:  Don MacAulay, Debbie MacPherson, Wornick Price, Charles Gould, Rick & Helen Estabrooks, Paul Dunn, Chanel Michaud, Victor LeBlanc, Kelly Lewis, Ken Cameron, Greg Zwicker, Roger & Angela Bourgeois
Roger welcomed all members.  Membership currently stands at 122.  This meeting is very important as it is the last meeting  before our annual show and shine.
The minutes of the last month’s meeting were read.  No errors or omissions.  Minutes stand as read.

Old Business: 
June 9th was the show at Lounsbury, Moncton.  This was a big success with 140 Corvettes in attendance, 50 of which were members from the GMCC, terrific showing.  Thank you to the other club members for participating. Great prizes were given out.  Special thank you to Lounsbury’s staff, and Rob Blair for leaving his ZR1 on display.

RiverValley Vettes had a great show as well with 15+ Corvettes from GMCC.  The weather was good.  Congratulations to Roger & Leontine for winning the President’s Choice and to Jake for people’s choice.

The Hemmings Great Race was very interesting to attend.  There were a few glitches and I will try to find out from the organizers what the misunderstanding may have been.  I’ll have an update at the next meeting.  The participant vehicles in this race were phenomenal.    I was fortunate enough to volunteer where they were driving in and had ½ hour to explore once they were parked.  My main objective was to see the ’65 vette.  I was able to talk to the owner, Don Martin and his wife Pat.  They were from Texas, very nice folks.  Dan is a restorer of C1’s and C2’s and is also an NCRS judge.  I gave them our club pens, pins and a decal – he collects decals.  When they were ready to leave, I escorted them directly to the Delta. 

The Golden Oldies car show in Miramichi saw 9 Corvettes from our club participate;  5 from Moncton and 2 from Balmoral and 2 from Petit-Rocher.

The St-Martin’s run was cancelled after hearing different stories about the road condition and checking it out for myself.  The fresh tar and loose gravel was terrible – I turned around and I was driving an SUV. Also, the forecast was for rain, but it turned into a nice day.

Financial Report: 
Wornick reports that the balance is $*****.    Motion to accept the financial report by Wornick, approved by Paul Dunn, seconded by Chanel.  Report accepted.   Bills for payment presented were for show dash plaques, sponsors billboard, and hats, which will be sold for $15 each.   Greg Zwicker approved bills for payment, Chanel seconded, approved.

Roger noted that we have 15 sponsors for the show, donations to Autism Resource Centre, but we have lost Gary Steeves Insurance.  They are experiencing cut backs in their donation budget.  Our dash plaques were already on order, so you will notice that they are still listed as a sponsor.  So we will be $200 less than last year’s donations.

New Business:
Oct 7th is a Teen Pageant  and I’ve been asked by the Committee chairman if we could drive the gals around the block in Dieppe, near City Hall, to drop off at the red carpet.  I assured them that it shouldn’t be a problem, so please consider volunteering for this community activity.  It will be much appreciated.  If it rains, this will be cancelled.

We will have to order more club pins by next summer.  We have approx 50 left.  Every new members gets one, so if you have not received one, please let me know.

The agenda of activities for the week of the Atlantic Nationals was read.  Everyone was sent a copy via email from Paul Dunn.
We need volunteers to help with Parking at the Show on Saturday:  Don MacAulay, Charles Gould, Steve Whalen, Greg Zwicker, Roger Bourgeois.  Volunteer for door prizes:  Charles Gould, Rick Estabrooks, & Roger Bourgeois.  Registration table volunteers:  Angela Bourgeois, Rick & Helen Estabrooks.
After making a few inquiries on the topic and getting positive feedback, I’ve decided to eliminate judging at our show.  It is a lot of work to prepare for voting, counting ballots, getting awards set up, not to mention needing a computer, electricity, and needing at least 3 extra volunteers at the show.  We will continue to have club participation and people’s choice awards and would encourage all members to vote for other than our own members’ Corvettes.
Prizes have been coming in and so thank you to everyone who is helping collect.

The upcoming trip to Wolfville/Yarmouth will take place on July 13-15.  Thirteen Corvettes are booked at the Old Orchard Inn (2 from Ontario) and 2 cars will be joining us for meals and drives.  It should be great 4 days.

July 29th is the planned Beaubear Island and Petitmor tours.

Sept 30th is the Vettes to Vets in Massachusetts, information is already available on their website.

Chanel tells us that once the Rimouski motel rooms are gone, he can always have more added if there is a need, so if you think you might like to go on this fantastic trip, please let him know.

Greg Zwicker thanked the membership for the donation to Autism on behalf of his mom.

Meeting was adjourned by Helen.   She won the 50/50 at $13.00.

Angela Bourgeois
Minute taker in Louise Fyffe’s absence
Roger Bourgeois