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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - September 2018
« on: September 09, 2018, 10:51:04 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
September 04, 2018​ Lounsbury Meeting Room​7 PM
Present: Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Don MacAuley, Wornick Price, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Trueman Copp, Margaret May, Victor LeBlanc, Doug MacDonald, Chanel Michaud, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, and Eric LeBlanc. (15)
The regular monthly meeting was called to order by the Angie Bourgeois in the absence of the president at 7 PM with 15 members in attendance.  Current membership stands at 146 and one new member, Eric LeBlanc, was welcomed to the meeting.
Minutes of the August 2018 meeting were accepted as read.
Continuing Business:
a) Reports were given on all the recent gatherings and these may be found on the GMCC website.  Special notes --- thanks to those who provided prizes for the PEI event; to Jeanelle and Charles for their preparation support of the Lindou BBQ; to Chanel, Victor, Don and Debbie for their help on the day of the event, to Lindou and Jeanne for hosting 77 GMCC members and their 40 cars on a great day. A donation of $1000 was raised for Jeanne’s cancer charity.
b) Information regarding the plastic covers --- Corvette Depot in Windsor, Ontario is recommended by several members as a best source of these and other Corvette supplies.
Financial Report:
​(paper report attached)
Balance stands at $xxxxx with deposits of $308.97 and withdrawals of $880.80
MOTION: report accepted
​Moved: Doug MacDonald​   Seconded: Libby Rayworth​    Accepted
Bills for payment this month were prizes for $36 and gas cards for $125.
MOTION: bills accepted
​Moved: Chanel Michaud​   Seconded: Victor LeBlanc​     Accepted
New Business:
a) Members are advised to avoid posting, on social media, information on upcoming Corvette events.  We never know how far this information may travel.  For security purposes, information on upcoming club events will only be posted on our GMCC website.  Following events, please feel free to post pictures and comments on your social media.  Thank you for your consideration on this matter.
b) Fall calendar events were discussed and are published on the GMCC website:  Sept 09 – Miramichi Drags; Sept 16 -- Belliveau Orchard and Dorchester; Sept 22 – Shippegan; Sept 23 -- breakfast at Knights of Columbus; Sept 30 -- Rhye’s Run; Oct 07 – request for support for Miss Teen Pageant in Dieppe; Oct 13 - Presidents run location will likely change to a run to Pictou with lunch at the Pictou Lodge Restaurant, but Roger will have more info at the Oct meeting, and Oct 21 – Trueman’s Lobster Run
Meeting was declared adjourned at 8PM on motion of Paul Dunn.
50/50 draw was won by Eric Le Blanc for $17.
Secretary Louise Fyffe
Vice President Angie Bourgeois   
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