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GMCC Monthly Meeting Minutes - November 2018
« on: November 12, 2018, 11:26:02 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
November 5, 2018
Lounsbury Meeting Room
7 p.m.

Present:  Helen & Rick Estabrooks, Roger & Angie Bourgeois, Paul Dunn, Dwight & Libby Rayworth, Chanel Michaud, Wornick Price, Trueman Copp, Gary Gaskin (11 p)

The regular monthly meeting was called to order by our President Roger Bourgeois at 7 p.m. with 11 members in attendance.  Membership stands at 146.  Roger apologized for having missed the last 2 meetingss.  Corvette season has officially ended, but we still have our meetings and the Christmas party.  Paul’s book has arrived and is an excellent printed review of our 2018 events.  Thank you Paul for all this work.

Minutes of the October 2018 were accepted as read.

Continuing Business: 
Reports on last month’s runs were read by the chair… Miss Teen Atlantic Canada Pageant red carpet ride, thanks to those that provided transportantion for the girls.  They were very excited and for some it was their first time at the pageant and drive in a Corvette.  Also to mention that some of our members were dressed for the occasion and it looked very sharp; 
the President’s run to Pictou had a good turnout with 20+ vettes and an excellent visit with our good friends Rolly & Judy MacDonald; 
the lobster run was a great trip again this year.  Bob Steeves presented Lana with a laminated print of a ZR1.  A special thank you to Lana and Jeff for taking time to show us around.  We send best wishes to Bobby for a speedy recovery.  It was nice to see Dave & Sharon Gates again. We gave out door prizes at the snowmobile club, thanks to Trueman for a beautiful Corvette jacket, which was won by Lana;
for our very last run of the season, 8 Corvettes made it to the Hampton Middle School.  We have received a heartfelt thank you from that school.  They host again on October 25, 2019.

Financial Report:

(paper report attached)   Balance stands at $xxxxx with deposits of $376.86 and withdrawals of $2,000.00.   MOTION: Report accepted, Moved:  Chanel Michaud     Seconded:  Libby Rayworth    Accepted

Bills for payment:  Paul Dunn $250.98 for software for photography;  Angie Bourgeois  $15.83 for snacks at the ACCC meeting.
MOTION:  Bills accepted for payment    Moved:  Helen Estabrooks     Seconded:  Rick Estabrooks     Accepted

MOTION:  Angie Bourgeois made a motion to set up a $300 budget for the Christmas Party.    Moved:  Libby Rayworth    Seconded:  Chanel Michaud    Accepted

New Business:
A cheque for $2,000 was given to the Autism Resource Centre, along with a $300 from Trueman Copp as a personal donation and $500 from the Atlantic Nationals, representing a portion received by Corvette registrants at their show.   The charity representative Angele was very happy for our support and thanks every member for their efforts.

Christmas party.  Details will be sent to the membership in an email outlining the location, etc.  The date is Saturday, Dec 8th.

Web Page:  We are in need of a volunteer who can manage our web page.  We have been dependent on a non-member, Francois Gallant, for what seems years and he does the additions, modifications, etc. to the general page at no cost to our club.   We have approx 150 families and think there must be someone who could take over this task.  Angie will contact Francois to see if he is interested in continuing and what would be an amount we could offer to pay him for this work.  In the meantime, please keep this in mind as a task someone in the club could take over.

Lounsbury dealership has a large inventory of Corvette jackets, Tshirts, clocks, etc., which would make nice Christmas gifts.

Our club has an excellent season, ending with 146 members.  Thank you to everyone who planned and organized the trips (short and long), weekends away, fantastic drives.  It was nice to see different members take part and we hope that continues for 2019. 

Elections are already necessary for our 2019 executives.   An email will be send for nominations.

We already have paid members for 2019, so that’s a good sign.

The Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs’ meeting was held in Moncton on October 27th.  The club missing representation was Fredericton’s RVV.  NF and Labrador club forwarded their notes and these were shared with the group.  Minutes of that meeting are posted on our web page under the Newsletter link.

It is with sadness that I tell you that one of our members, Don LeBlanc and his wife Fernande, lost his brother.  A sympathy card has been sent.

50/50 winner was Wornick Price…. $10.

Meeting was adjourned by Angie.

Angie Bourgeois, Minute Taker (in Louise’s absence)

Roger Bourgeois, President