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Leisure, Leaves & Lobster
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 Leisure Leaves and Lobster
 Meet at Petro-Canada at 506 Hillsborough Road, (Riverview) at 9:30 AM
 Drive 1 hour on Route 114 to Riverside -Albert. In about an hour we stop at the many interesting  monuments, war monuments ,also monuments of Acadians and Irish settlers.This is a 15 minute stop where then we will continue on to “Studio On The Marsh” owned by Michelle Larson. We will be able to view and /or purchase beautiful art work. We will be served coffee and doughnuts. Mac Dunfield will give an interruptive talk about some work done by Ducks Unlimited on the dykes.
 We will continue on Route 115 to Alma ,Collins Lobsters and Bake Shop where we purchase our lobsters etc. (bake shop sells side dishes too)
 We will continue on Route 114 to Fundy Park.stop at Look-out for 10 minutes then continue on about 1 hour to Goshen Snowmobile Club to eat our lobsters etc.
 Please remember to bring your own silverware, dishes, paper towels, whatever you know you'll need for your own feast.
 After luncheon we will leave on go to TCH to Moncton

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