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Yarmouth Tour - July 18-21, 2019
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(pictures to follow soon)

Eighteen (18) Corvettes left Dieppe on Thursday morning.  Travelling along the TCH until exit 7 NS, where we started our touristic route through Wentworth with a stop at the Masstown Market.  This 30 minute stop permitted folks a good break, a light snack, and a little interesting conversation about the upcoming reveal of the C8.  We continued our morning along Hwy 236, then 215 along the Mailtland shore, then 14 to Kentville.  Continuing with the winding, scenic route we ate lunch at the Spitfire Arms Ale House in Windsor.  I believe everyone had a great meal and service was fantastic. 
After lunch, we exited by travelling through Windsor, back onto highway 14 to the south shore of NS.  Travelling through Hubbards, then to highway 329 which took us through the beautiful Aspotogan Peninsula.  This was a fantastic Corvette route with lots of gorgeous scenery all the way to Oak Island Resort.   Arriving at approximately 4 p.m. allowed us time to have a walk around the property, releaxing in the room, and time for those that wanted to clean off the cars.
We met in the dining room of the resort for a fantastic meal.  Then it was to a section of the hotel where we could enjoy a few rounds of L-R-C game (Left, Right, Centre).  Angie & Dave each tried to hook up the Google to the TV so that we could live stream the unveiling of the new C8/2020, but were unsuccessful.  Dave did watch live, while the rest saw portions the following morning before breakfast.
After breakfast on Friday, we continued along the Lighthouse Route to Yarmouth - through Mahone Bay, near Lunenburg, Bridgewater, LaHave & Crescent Beach, Mill Village, Liverpool, Clyde River and then a stop at the Anchor's Away Family restaurant for lunch.  Again, another good restaurant choice.   Always lots of fish and other seafood.   Some even had room for the home made desserts.
Upon arrival in Yarmouth, folks settled in to their hotel rooms and mingled with the other Corvette owners that had arrived from all parts of NS and those from Saint John. 
Most of the members sat in front of the hotel to view the parade of cars.  You just can't imagine the quality and quantity of cars that participate in this Yarmouth show.  It is comparable to the Atlantic Nationals. 
Most of the Corvette clubs' members joined in a meet & greet with hors d'oeuvres where Ivan Hines set up a great game of word scramble and some of our members were the winners.  Congratulations to Gina Harlow and Philip Valotaire.
Saturday was another bright, sunny, warm day.  Corvette parking saw more than 70 Corvettes participate.   A wonderful day.
That evening saw a large group participate in a boat/harbour tour.  By the sounds of it, the outing was very much a success.  A stop on a island for seafood chowder and Acadien Rapé (oh, and lots of booze). The weather was cooperative, although a little cool on the water, but folks were prepared.
I had been told by officials that the fireworks were cancelled, but around 10 p.m. I heard the sounds of what seemed like fireworks and when I looked out the hotel window (luckily I was on the 7th floor facing the harbour), I was treated to a spectacular show.  Unfortunately the "boat people" didn't get to see it, but perhaps next year it can be added to the plan.  (I think the misunderstanding was created when they were told that the fishing boats wouldn't be going forward with the fireworks.  However,  the municipality still had it planned).
Sunday morning, following breakfast, folks headed for home.  Some took the highway's fastest way while other continued along the coast to by-pass Halifax and come out at Masstown.  Just before Truro, the sky opened up to a horrific rain/thunder storm.  Some cars had to stop because they couldn't see ahead safetly.  The Corvettes continued at a slow pace and until we reached Springhill, it was pretty much a cautious drive.
All made it home safe & sound, a little partied out, tired in a good way, and ready for the next adventure.
Thank you goes to Dave & Sharon Gates for planning the Thursday & Friday portion of our weekend, and then to Ivan & Amanda Hines and Jody & Lea-Jane Crook for the Saturday show.  Some of our lucky members took home the very beautiful trophies designed with exhaust pipes as the theme.

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