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Bowling Green,KT - Aug 26-Sept 2, 2019
« on: September 11, 2019, 05:03:40 AM »
Well, another successful New England Caravan to Bowling Green, Kentucky;  this time for the National Corvette Museum's 25th anniversary.  In our mini group, we had 2 couples from NF (Harry/Patsy, Neil/Pam), 7 couples/8 Corvettes from NS (Rick/Nancy, Ivan/Amanda, Debbie/Sandy, Peter/Terri, Joan/Doug, Kirby/grandson Blake, Darryl/Anita), and Roger & Angela from GMCC. 
Roger & I were fortunate enough to experience a tour of the Harley Davidson manufacturing plan in York, PA.  Now that is a tour of manufacturing.  We saw motorcycle creations from small pipes to the finished product, including some pretty fancy unique models (special customer orders).

We left Gettysburg and travelled a pre-map'd route, including a run through "the Back of the Dragon":
Certainly a highlight of the driving experience. 

We made the trip from Pensylvania to Kentucky in 3 days (arriving mid-day on the 3rd day), including a stop at the Bristol Motor Speedway, where some were adventurous enough to put their vette on the track.

Our time in Kentucky was spread out between individual tours the countryside, time at the museum, wonderful time in Nashville, time at the GM assembly plant, and time at the National Corvette Motorsport track.   Many banquet meals and many late evening gatherings made for new friendships forever. 

Check out the New England Caravan Facebook page, the GMCC Facebook page and the Vettes of Coastal Maine Facebook page for lots of stories and pictures.

I am not as eloquent as Paul would have been in describing our time in Kentucky, but it was a fantastic trip and one we'd recommend it to everyone.  Maybe you can make the 30th anniversary celebrations.
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