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GMCC Monthly Meeting December 2019
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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
December 02, 2019           
Lounsbury Meeting Room           
 7 PM
Present: Roger and Angie Bourgeois, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Wornick Price, Victor LeBlanc, Chanel Michaud, Ed LeBlanc, Bob Cormier and Melissa Bourque (10).
The meeting was called to order by the president who welcomed the 10 members in attendance.  He noted that the year has presented challenges which have been overcome with support by the members.  2019 was a great season and we look forward to 2020.
Minutes of the November meeting were accepted as read with one correction re the 50/50 draw.
Old/Continuing Business:
a) Call for further nominations brought forward no new names so the executive stands as
President – Roger Bourgeois
Vice President – vacant
Secretary – Helen Estabrooks with Louise Fyffe acting until spring 2020
Treasurer – Wornick Price
Calendar of Events – Rick Estabrooks
Communications Coordinator – Bob Cormier
b) Roger and Angie Bourgeois attended the induction ceremony for Maritime Motor Sport Hall of Fame at Wyndam Inn in Dieppe.  Trueman Copp (our member) was inducted for snowmobiles and Claudette (Angie’s sister) and Greg Turner for rallying and car show organizers. 
Financial Report:
The treasurer reported the current bank balance at $xx with expenditures of $778.75 and income of $594.58.  Bills for payment will be presented in January.
Motion to accept as presented:
​Moved: Wornick Price​
Seconded: Chanel Michaud​
New Business:
a) Discussion re the Christmas party --- there was great difficulty in having people confirm attendance in a timely fashion; the final date was set at Nov. 15th and at that point it did not look like we would have enough members to go ahead; it was suggested that there be a financial incentive to book on time in order to make the organization of this event less stressful.  At this time all arrangements are in place with volunteers working together.
b) Three turkeys for the Sue Stultz drive have been delivered.
c) Cheque to Food Depot Alimentaire has been delivered.
d) The initial planning meeting for 2020 will be held on January 19th following the KC breakfast.
e) Thank you to all the executive members serving in 2019 --- Louise Fyffe – secretary; Angie Bourgeois – vice president and events coordinator, Trueman Copp and Margaret Mays for “Fast Past” work; Wornick Price as our treasurer; Dave Gates for e-mail and all those who contributed by bringing prizes and helping in so many ways.
There being no further business the meeting was declared adjourned followed by the 50/50 draw won by Wornick Price for $8.00.
Louise Fyffe
Roger Bourgeois
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