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GMCC Monthly Meeting March 2/2020
« on: March 03, 2020, 07:29:30 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
March 2, 2020
Lounsbury Meeting Room – 7pm

Present :  Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Wornick Price, Charles Gould, Victor LeBlanc, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Bob Cormier and Melissa Bourque, Don MacAulay and Debbie MacPherson, Eric LeBlanc, Dave Fyffe, Trueman  Copp and Margaret Mayes (17)

The meeting was called to order by President Roger Bourgeois who welcomed the 17 members present, also welcomed Trueman Copp back from his Bucket List Tour 2020 to Minnesota on snowmobile with another member Bob Steeves.

Minutes of the February meeting were accepted as read, correction made to name Melissa Bourque.

Old/ Continuing Business :  A) The February 16 breakfast at the Knights Of Columbus Hall was attended by only 6 members who enjoyed the good meal.

B)  Speed Sport East – President reported no one had stepped forward to volunteer to coordinate the event, spots for 7 cars had been registered and President was contacting Lounsbury’s to see if they would provide sponsorship for the event.  Two cars had been offered for the event, one from Bob Cormier, a C5 with Lamborghini  doors and one from Tony Trenholm a ZR1, President advised he would like to see other cars offered that were older years.  Victor LeBlanc volunteered to coordinate this event, to make calls to ensure the cars would be available.  Bob Cormier advised that he was in the process of making some posts, painting them black and would look into whether he had enough yellow chain for the 200 feet required to rope off the area.  Trueman Copp advised that there were 30-34 posts in his garage that would be available if needed, may need painting and Wornick Price advised the rope used last year could be washed if  Bob did not have enough chain for the entire area.  It was noted that Lounsbury’s provided one car for the show in previous years.  Angela Bourgeois reported that Betty Mae Madden had volunteered to help with signage for the event.  Parties agreed to discuss further after the meeting.

Financial Report :  The treasurer, Wornick Price, reported the current bank balance as XX, with expenditures of $1260.00 and income of $35.25.   $30.00 received for membership, and a further amount of $57.00.  Motion to accept moved by Wornick Price and seconded by Angela Bourgeois.  Approved. 

Bills for payment provided in the amount of $10.58 for postage and sympathy cards, motion to accept moved by Angela Bourgeois and seconded by Rick Estabrooks .  Approved.

New Business :  A)  The next Knights of Columbus breakfast scheduled for March 15, 2020.

B)  Certificate received from Maritime Motor Sports Museum for our membership.

C)  Membership for the 2020 year is 65 members paid, President advised we should see a significant jump with the Speed Sport East event and Lounsbury Car show.

D)  Further discussion ensued regarding Speed Sport East and questions answered about the Yarmouth Car show.

Meeting declared adjourned by the President.

50/50 in the amount of $14.00 won by Dwight Rayworth.

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois
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