Author Topic: GMCC Monthly (Video Chat) Meeting Sept. 7 2020 Executive  (Read 826 times)


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GMCC Monthly (Video Chat) Meeting Sept. 7 2020 Executive
« on: September 14, 2020, 05:58:27 PM »
Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Sept 7, 2020
Video Chat 6:30 pm

Present :  Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Bob Cormier, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, joining by phone Wornick Price

President Roger Bourgeois welcomed everyone and asked how everyone was doing and advised he hoped that the summer was gong as well as can be for everyone present on chat.

Minutes of previous meeting were not read as they can be reviewed on line.

Old Business : President reported on club activities.  1)  Trip to PEI went very well. President thanked the PEI club for giving a tour to Summerside, Cavendish stop was a nice rest where participants were able to isolate by themselves.  18 cars members wore masks or self distanced which he reported was great and were joined by 5 cars from PEI.  Everyone had filled out paperwork for both border crossings which made things very easy and provided for a great trip.
2)  Trip to St Martins had 13 cars participate.  Travelled to St Martins first with intention of stopping at the caves but as it was very busy at parking along the highway and restaurant with no place for the 13 cars participants kept on going and stopped at interpretation centre for relief break and followed through on next lookout then long beach for few minutes then proceeded toward east gate very nice paved highway/chip seal in some places but great.   Group was accompanied by three new C8s and one member from PEI.  President advised he stopped at JJ Diner along with one other car and the rest of the participants turned toward Moncton.  Some did not carry radios so it was difficult to keep the group together on the way home.

Financial Report :  Total XXXX with 0 expenses, deposits of $245.15.   Moved by Wornick Price and seconded by Angela Bourgeois.  Executive agreed that Bob should submit bill for payment for the drone he purchased that he has been using for club activities.  President advised he has deposit of $20 to make.

New Business: 1)  Justin Gallant will be one of our sponsors for next year, his company Clear Effects , address 8 Painsec Junction Rd Lakeville-Westmorland NB E1H1M8, phone 506-866-3155.  Company does Exterior protection/Interior, Ceramic coating which some members have had their cars done already.
2)  Membership is now 101. 
3)  Rhys Run is still proceeding with meeting at Moncton Coliseum at 9:45 am, registration will take place with no cards being distributed this year, event will be mostly a drive and prizes will be given on this event.
4)  No other runs have been planned for this year if something comes up Bob will send out an email to participants detailing the event.

There being no further business meeting adjourned with tentative date for next meeting by video chat on Oct 5, 2020.

Thanks again Bob for arranging chat.

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois