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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs meeting - October, 2020
« on: October 13, 2020, 12:35:51 AM »
Hello all,  Due to the current COVID-19 situation in our Provinces, we have decided to compile our clubs' notes into one document, making it our fall minutes.

As follows:


I will start the minutes by saying that we are a very lucky group of people and the sacrifices we are making will be what keeps us and our loved ones safe.

GREATER MONCTON CORVETTE CLUB – submitted by Roger Bourgeois, President

Hello everyone, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe in these trying times.  As a club, social distancing is keeping our event numbers down to under 50 people.  We are accomplishing this by requesting r.s.v.p.’s and posting the event via email at the last minute.
We participated in few events – small day trips around our Province, with one trip to PEI, but no overnight stays.  Day trips like driving through Memramcook, Sackville, Bouctouche, St Martins….   We joined the Saint John club on their run to St. Andrews, which was a very successful day trip.   We began doing a weekly evening run, Corvettes & Coffee, where we meet in the former Costco parking lot, then drive through the Atlantic Nationals designated route – the club used to do this years ago but it seemed to lose interest, but this new event has had a good response, so we likely will continue in 2021.
No events will be planned for our club for 2021 until the Covid-19 gets under control.    The Atlantic Nationals have given a date of July 7-11th/2021;  and NS Corvette Club plans their Yarmouth show on July 16-17th.

RIVERVALLEY VETTES – submitted by Wanda Gadds, President

The club’s summer was spent doing a run every other Saturday with suggestions from club members - we had run to Saint.John and surrounding area;  a run to Moncton, Magnetic Hill vineyard and Doug McDonald's corvette display; a run to the Fundy trail and Sussex;  a run to St.Stephen and St.Andrews;  a run to Woodstock;  members attended the CSNB poker run; and of note, a visit to Bob Cromwell's in Morrisdale on the shores of the Saint John river and celebrated his birthday – the run took us  via Gagetown,  stopped at Bob's and continued to Westfield Grandbay to route 7 back to Fredericton
We meet every Tuesday Night for an ice cream run and we resumed our monthly breakfast meetings at Porter's Diner.
Our plan to end the season is a fall foliage run to Beechwood Dam and back to Benton, which was my home, to my brother’s farm for a corn boil and tractor ride.
All in all under the circumstances not a bad summer , however the one thing we missed was hanging out with fellow corvette clubs.

PEI CORVETTE CLUB -  submitted by Errol Callbeck, President

Well, here is our summary of 2020 the year that was… or perhaps better described as the year that wasn’t. Obviously, COVID 19 has put an extreme damper on all parts of our lives, including our Corvette events and socials.
The PEI Corvette Club did start having weekly get togethers on Wednesday nights as we usually do each summer. These tend to switch from cruise night to meeting night from week to week. Despite the great overall weather this summer, it seemed if there was a forecast for rain, it was forecast for Wednesday night… so we missed many Wednesday nights due to pending weather, which some times came and some times did not.
Other than that, our only real event was a combination cruise with the GMCC when they came to PEI on August 29th. That was a great day with meeting at Gateway Village, touring around the north shore of PEI with a lunch stop in Cavendish, followed by a drive to The Dunes Gallery in Brackley Beach before the GMCC headed for home. We look forward to seeing the GMCC folks again on New Brunswick side on October 3rd for a cruise with them for the day in New Brunswick.
There was only one car show held in PEI this year, and it was held at Brackley Drive In on Labour Day weekend. I believe a couple of our members attended, and they are planning a show again in May 2021 at the same location. We don’t really have any major items planned for the fall, but hopefully will get in a couple of cruises and that we will be able to have a Christmas Party that will allow folks to get together. Hopefully, in 2021 we will have a couple of winter regular get togethers that we do such as our annual Barrett Jackson Pot Luck party at our house (may have to adjust a bit to not share utensils!), and a Valentine’s Dinner. The only other item of note is that we have basically decided that we will be waiving annual membership dues for 2020, and that anyone that paid in 2020 will have their dues credited to 2021.
We hope all of our Corvette friends near and far are staying healthy and safe in these trying times! All the best for a better 2021!

CORVETTES OF SOUTHERN NB – submitted Sylvia Blanchard, President

It’s been a crazy season, but hope everyone had a great summer considering.
We started having our monthly meetings in March & April, via Zoom, and from May onward, one of our members kindly allowed us to hold the meetings in the empty area of Furniture Warehouse. Members were asked to wear masks, bring the own fold up lawn chairs and keep the recommended social distance.
Currently we have 41 memberships which includes 6 new memberships since last meeting. Without the various annual Car Shows, we had surprisingly a very busy summer.
We had various day runs, to Moncton, taking the scenic route to and through the back roads ending in Riverview along the Riverfront trail.
St. Andrews, in which our fellow Moncton neighbours joined us.  I believe we had 38 Cars attend altogether. It was a beautiful sunny day, and very hot.
St. Martins to Sussex for the day, and another Sussex Run through the scenic route and back.
We had quite a few cruise nights, one to St. George, a Kingston/Kennebecasis Ferry Cruise, and Maces Bay, in which one of our members hosted an outdoor BBQ.
Our second annual Poker Run was a success, in which members from Moncton and Fredericton joined us. Half of the proceeds went to the winner with the best hand, and the other half will be going to one of our local charities to be decided near the end of the year.
We are planning on one more day cruise through the Fundy Trail sometime in October while the leaves are changing color.
We are considering having a Corvette themed float in the Saint John Santa Clause parade in November.
It hasn’t been decided if we will be hosting our Annual Christmas party this year. I guess it will be wait and see thing.
Our executive for next year has not been decided or announced.

LOYALIST CITY CORVETTE CLUB – submitted by Ray Cromwell, President

Well this year was very quiet to other years in our club.  We had five ice cream runs, two breakfast outings, a St Martin’s- Fundy Trail to Sussex run, a run to Sussex and then “up to par restaurant”, and a Harvest run to Evandale for breakfast, then to Fredericton, then to Sussex for lunch then back home.  We may have an X-mas party,
PS all our runs end at a restaurant.

CORVETTE CLUB OF NOVA SCOTIA – submitted by Ivan Hines, President

I have attached our Sept Newsletter. Some Execs positions are up for re-election. So far only our current Event Coordinator will not be reoffering for another 2yr term.
2020 Membership is 113 with 136 Corvettes.  Which surprisingly is only down 3 members/cars from 2019

C1 – 0
C2 – 3
C3 – 30
C4 – 12
C5 – 27
C6 – 35
C7 – 28
C8 – 1

We did very little as a group this summer.  A few small gatherings – usually 20 couples or less.
We donated $1000 to the Red Cross – Portapique Fund & another $1000 to the Q104 IWK Children’s Trust.
We have had a bit of a problem with our Facebook page confusing new (potential) members – they are under the impression that joining the Facebook page is the same as joining the club. We had to make a questionnaire required for approval to join the Facebook page that points out the difference.  Still a good way to promote the club and attract new members.
We joined Quad C Insurance this year at a $20 per member cost.
Our current membership was $35 so we are going to make a motion to raise to $40.
Our AMG is set for Oct 18th in Dartmouth.
Thank you and see you next year if the world gets back on track!


At time of writing, I had not received a submission from this club, which I’m certain is because it was a slow summer for them as well.

In conclusion, thank you to everyone for agreeing to hold our meeting this way.  It was a relief to some to not have to travel to Moncton.

Angela Bourgeois
Meeting Notes Coordinator