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Started by Ricko, July 13, 2021, 06:06:00 PM

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Ok, Atlantic Nationals.  Everyone has been asking "what's the plan?"   

The Atlantic Nationals Fun Run 2021 will take place at Centennial Park, St. George Blvd, Moncton, on August 21 & 22nd.  If you registered for the 2020 Atlantic Nationals, you can go to their web page:, click on the contact us tab and send a message saying that you are already registered for the 2020 and would like to use that registration for 2021.
Otherwise, they will push the 2020 pre-registration to 2022.

Which means that you will have to re-register for 2021, at a reduced cost of $30 (your 2020 pre registration likely cost you more and might be to your advantage to keep it there for 2022).
The Corvette Club will be able to park in our usual spot at the top of the Centennial Park;  however, the entrance is at a different location, off St. George Blvd.  (there is a driveway just past the lake - check it out before the 21st of August so that you are sure you khow where you are going).  GMCC WILL NOT be having an official show and shine, we will just be like everyone..... part of the Atlantic Nationals Fun Run.   

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