GMCC Monthly Meeting (Video Chat) Executive March 1 2021

Started by Ricko, March 06, 2021, 03:07:47 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
March 1/2021
Video Chat – 7pm

Present:  Bob Cormier, Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Helen & Rick Estabrooks, joining by telephone  Wornick Price.

President Roger Bourgeois welcomed everyone.  Hoped everyone was healthy.  Advised that next month cars are going to start coming out of storage.

Minutes of previous meeting can be reviewed online.

Old business: 
Phone meeting, Feb 6/2021. (Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs, Eastern Region)
No activities have been scheduled for summer.  Planning is basically one week at a time.   Talked about our club getting CCCC banner and Mobil 1 banner.
Corrected Margaret Mayes' surname on the last Fast Past edition.    We mailed our club membership to CCCC dues.   Cancelled GMCC's participation in the Atlantic Nationals (if they go ahead with the car show, folks can still participate on their own).

Financial Report:
Presented by Wornick Price.   Balance end of Feb XXXX.  Deposits of $120.00 and $28.59;  cheques for $600.00 and $55.18;  bank charge of $2.50.
Motion to accept by Angie Bourgeois, seconded by Bob Cormier.   Financial report accepted.
No outstanding bills for payment.

New Business:
-   This is the club's 30th anniversary (2021) and we should put our heads together to come up with some sort of memento, perhaps a special shirt.... lets thing about this. 
-   Also, should try to make up some sort of event/drives only;  perhaps considering May 2nd and May 23rd long weekend. 
-   President received a report that some people are being refused vehicle insurance due to HP rating (over 500 HP).  We called some insurance companies, including Allstate, Aviva & Haggerty.  None of the managers are aware of anyone being refused on the status of HP only.  There are many factors taken into consideration when reviewing a customer's file (or potential customer), such as if they are in good standing with their current insured vehicles/house, have been insured for a lengthy time without claims, have a good driving record, what area of the province they reside in, will others in the household be driving, etc., etc..    All companies agreed that if you are a good customer, they will fight to make sure you get the best rate.  Haggerty will insure any vehicle that is stock 500 HP +.      Not knowing the particulars of those that have been dropped, we can only state that it appears to be isolated issues.   As luck would have it, that same week, I received a call from NAACC (National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada)'s new representative, Blair (Jim) Chisholm from Hampton, NB.  We discussed the insurance issue and he will look into it as well and advise before next meeting.
-   Treasurer was requested to issue a cheque to the NAACC to pay our dues for 2021.
-   President will contact Clear FX for sponsorship to our club ($150.00).
-   President will contact Lounsbury with our annual request for sponsorship of $1,000.00.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m. by President.

Next meeting April 6, 7pm date changed to Tuesday due to Easter holiday.

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois

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