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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
June 7, 2021
Lounsbury Meeting Room – 7pm

Present :  Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Dwight and Libby Rayworth, Bob Cormier, Wornick Price, Don MacAulay, Marc and Sandra Melanson, Teri and Tom Osler, Trueman Copp  Rick and Helen Estabrooks ( via Face Time )

President Roger Bourgeois welcomed members to our first in-person meeting since March 2020.  He advised we have had meetings through face time with the executive including himself and Angela, Rick and Helen, Bob, Wornick  and have been happy to have Teri and Tom for the last few.  Unfortunately with the border from NS to NB we could not meet in person and Bob has been organizing meetings from his garage.

Minutes of the April Executive meeting were read by Angela Bourgeois, Bob Cormier motioned to accept and Libby Rayworth seconded and all agreed to accepted as read motion carried.

Old Business :  Last month we decided not to hold a meeting as we had nothing new to report since the precious meeting.

1)  We started our runs in May, with an ice cream run to St Antoine.  Then proceeded to Bouctouche, coming back through St Thomas using the shore road as much as possible.  We came out in Cocagne corner, drove toward Grand Digue, but between a couple of turns, we managed to loose 13 of the 20 vettes - some members did not have a walkie talkie and some members headed home or elsewhere with others following.  The remaining 7 vettes parked at the Grand Digue Community Centre for the last chat.

2)  Our second run was toward Quispamsis, Rothesay, then toward St Martins.  This time Angie made a list for everyone of the routes we would be taking.  We had a better result with only one hiccup as we came out of Quispamsis, but Bob Cormier turned folks around and we managed to stay together until our last stop in Sussex, 21 vettes attended this event.

3)  This past weekend, we made a trip to Minto to visit the NB Internment Camp Museum.  We travelled to our first stop at McCready's in Young's Cove for a little break, then back onto highway 2 to route 690, then route 10 into the museum parking lot.  The history was very interesting – the first people (1940–41) were German, fleeing to England.  England asked Canada and Austria to house these men and boys.  Later it was revealed that they didn't pose a threat and were released.  In 1941-45 the camp closed for 3 weeks for the entry of POW's and Canadians who would have spoken out against war efforts, even the mayor of Montreal spent 3 years, who supported Italy, Canillen Houde.  Our club made a  $75 donation.  We kept all the vettes together on this run, we were 17 in number.

Since the start of 2021, the executive group decided to try and do something special for our 30th anniversary.  We have had bags made, which have been distributed on recent runs.  They are carry on bags to keep your cleaning supplies in or whatever you decide.  Rick suggested that we do a commemorative or challenge coin.  Angie spent a few hours on the phone and with emails messages to different suppliers to get pricing and art work.  We never thought about this item being available through Doyle's until Angie mentioned it to them when talking about the bags.  So Doyles gave us the best price and design.  I approached Kendall Underhill from Lounsbury with the idea of them participating in this project as coins going to their customers directly would be a good PR for them.  He agreed and they will pay for the whole quantity.  We ordered 250 and gave 50 to Lounsbury – we can give them more if they need them.  We hope to give a coin to each membership.  We had them during the last run.

Lastly, we for our anniversary, we had face masks made up with our club crest.  We only ordered 40 because we don't know how long we will still be wearing masks- as we now don't need them outside if we can social distance, only when inside a public space.  During all our activities so far, our members have respected this and I say thank you – its hard to try to have fun and be safe.  These masks will be sold at $5 with the club paying the other $5.  I have 14 masks left.

Financial Report :  Treasurer Wornick Price read the report, deposits of $210.32 from membership payments and sale of club merchandise, bills paid totalling $548.10 and service charge of $1.25, closing balance XXXXXX.

Motion to accept the report made by Tom and seconded by Bob, all in agreement, report accepted.

Bills for payment – masks $365.70 for 40 $9.14 each, motion to accept bill by Dwight and seconded by Trueman.  Bill accepted for payment.   Coins paid for by Lounsbury.  Bags paid previously by cheque for $548.10

New Business: 1)   It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of long-time member, Bob Cooke.  Those that knew Bob personally would all agree there will not be another.  He had always the fastest cars, trucks, snowmobiles, Harleys, even lawn tractors, probable a 502 cid.  He could tell stories that kept everyone listening.  One of the smartest persons I have met – if you had any problem, he could find a remedy.  He was a very well respected business man,.  He had 4 Corvettes among his fleet of 20 or more cars in his garages.  Last week there was a car show in Hillsborough where the old diner used to be.  It was a tribute to Eric Steeves. A member of the Hillsborough car club.  This week the tribute will be for Bob Cooke – after the show, they expect all the cars to parade down Main Street in Hillsborough in memory of Bob.  Show starts at 7pm Tuesday evening.  We can meet a t the PetroCan at Point Part for 6pm with a 6:30 departure.  We may encounter a delay crossing the bridge. 

2)  I attended a meeting via Zoom with other Govenors from the Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs, Eastern Region.  Most clubs in Ontario are staying low profile, waiting to get reopened – a few other clubs have had small shows and drives.  We were asked to buy 4 jugs of mobile 1 oil for our club to give away, representing our allotment.  I purchased them from Canadian Tire on sale.  We can either give them away on a run or have a silent auction to go toward a charity donation of your choice.  Group decided that splitting it up into 2 prizes and auctioning for charity would be the way to go.  Once auction completed, we can decide which charity will benefit.

3)  President advised that he received a letter from the Atlantic Wellness, addressed to him, unsure how his name came about.  They deal with mental illness.  A donation provides 30 mins of therapy, 1 hr, 2 hr, etc for $42, $85 and $170.  Maybe the proceeds from this auction could benefit this cause or another.

4) Runs are still going to be planned by the week, unless Atlantic or Maritime Bubble opens, a lot of planning, reservations, bookings etc would have to be cancelled.  Maybe we will be bringing more lunches for certain day trips.  Washrooms are a big issue with our trips.  If anyone wants to plan an event, call or email details to President, keeping in mind rules for Covid – we need to keep a list of all participants in case there is an outbreak – again thanks for wearing your masks.

5)  President advised rules of the road need to be respected while travelling as a group.  Travelling in groups can cause lots of aggravation for people in convoy and others that happen to be on the road.   
Please keep these in mind a)  Try to maintain the lead cars speed as much as possible,  leader usually sets cruise at 112 -113 on the highway – gaps in convoy by going slower will cause each car to slow down and when cars increase speed the car in the back can end up reaching speeds of 130–140 to keep up.  Its not fun to be at the back of the pack.  b)   Don't follow too close either or pass a vette in front of you that is part of the group. c)   Use your FRS/Walkie talkie, even if you don't talk.  It is important information that we are sharing from the front – letting you know a warning or sudden stop.  If you plan on leaving the group at any point, please tell the lead car as we continually watch for the line to see if anyone is missing either breakdown, medical emergency, or lost.  If breaking away from the group please get in front of the last vette and that way you don't have anyone following you home.
d)  When passing traffic such as a slower vehicle or tractor trailer, pass one at a time, don't all pull out into the left lane and block any traffic coming behind that may be going faster.  Please be aware not to cut off traffic or pull in front of a tractor trailer without allowing them room – especially when they are on a downgrade.  If there is not room in front of the truck stay behind, you will not be lost to the group.
e)  President advised he does not want to tell members how to drive but as organizer of the event he feels responsible to make sure the run is safe and that everyone has fun.  He advised he has travelled in caravans for over 29 years both in Canada and the USA and is only aware of one rear-ender.  One of our members got hit by a non-member corvette.

6)  Bob Cormier is our email guy,  When you get his email, please read carefully and pay attention to the instructions.  If you need to reply to someone other than him please do so.  Otherwise Bob gets your email then has to send it to the person asking for the information.  Example as President I send the email to Bob to distribute, he gets the majority of the replies even though the email requests you reply to me.

7)  We have a Facebook page.  Angie and Bob are currently taking care of the administration since the person who set it up quit.  Angie and Bob look at the names of those asking to join and if it is not anyone they know the request is denied.  We try to keep  it to our members and Corvette owners otherwise you can get different people using the site for their own purposes or making rude comments.  We are requesting a volunteer step forward to manage the page with Bob so please act if this interests you.

President has advised that both he and Angie have been members of the club for 29 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Both have held most of the positions of the executive along with other long standing members.  It has always been a good group.  We have 10 very active members that are always available to help with whatever asked of them that has made things easy over the years.  We have taken on jobs and tasks that were not really assigned to us – such as keeping track of membership, updating web page, organizing day trips, weekend trips, making hotel and restaurant reservations, collecting RSVPs, selling club items, keeping track of money for Wornick just to mention a few.  Since our current membership is over 100 men and women we feel more people should come forward to volunteer – there are those that have a few hours to spare and are able to organize activities.  With that in mind this December at election time we are both not reoffering for any executive positions or tasks we are RETIRING.  We will certainly be around to help all new volunteers with any questions and names of contacts we have made over the years.  This RESIGNATION given now will give the club ample time to solicit a new President for 2022.

Meeting adjourned by Angela Bourgeois at 8pm.   

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois

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