GMCC Monthly Meeting July 5 2021

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
July 5, 21
Lounsbury Show Room – 7pm

Present :  Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Tom and Teri Osler, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Dave and Louise Fyffe, Bob Cormier and Carrie Anne Rioux.

President Roger Bourgeois welcomed members to our second in person meeting and was pleased to be able to welcome Rick and Helen from Nova Scotia.

Minutes of June meeting read by Secretary Helen Estabrooks and were accepted as read.

Old Business :  1)  President advised of small trip to Cape Tourmentine.  Group left Moncton, went around Aboiteau, Shemegue, Murry Beach, Cape Jourmaine which was still closed but people found toilets in the back trails as there were few portables.  The group then proceeded to Cape Tourmentine to Upper Cape, Port Elgin and stopped at new Shell at the rotary then proceeded to Aulac Irving, as we went some participants dropped off which was ok,  15 cars participated.
2)  Group visited Michel LeBlanc collection in Cape Pele, toured newest of collectables water wheel house in front of the house which doubles as old machine shop, old steel wheel tractors on lawn , old trucks etc.  had a few members who had never been to see the collection before.  Still amazes people as the variety and size of this collection steel signs, neon signs, bottles, cans etc, etc.  Members all but a few went to Cap Bimet to Paturel Restaurant for our meal, very nice atmosphere.  Restaurant is owned by Michel and was part of the deal to visit his private collection.
3)  $155 was raised with the sale of Mobile 1 oil for charity, Charles Richard bid $80 for 2 and Tom Osler bid $75 for the other 2.  Our group will need to decide what charity to donate this money to.  Suggestions such as cystic fibrosis, Beaverbrook School, Atlantic Wellness as well as any others that members can think of.   The club could top the donation up to $200 and a decision will be made at the next meeting for the charity.
4)  No volunteers  have come forward to take on the facebook page.

Financial Report :  Angela provided report in Wornick's absence.  Expenses $443.20, Deposits $823.06 from sale of merchandise, Quad C  and memberships.  Balance XXXXXXX.  Motion to accept made by Angela Bourgeois and seconded by Bob Cormier, all in favour motion accepted.
Bills for payment $3.67 for postage, and $150 for gas cards to be handed out during runs.    Motion to accept bills for payment made by Louise Fyffe and seconded by Tom Osler.  All in favour motion carried.

New Business :  1)  Gift card won by  Charles Richard in Cap Bimet  at Paturel Restaurant.
2)  Two more will be given out at restaurant during this weekend run to Campbellton.
3)  Names of any members participating at any event are kept just in case we have a problem ie covid exposure.
4)  Jeanine Scott and Linda Gauvin have been asked to help with this weekends trip to Campbellton, booking the restaurant etc. , there is a large group planning on attending which should be fun.  Plans are to stop at the  Esso in Laviallette just past Miramiche on Route 8.,  then on to Bathurst for lunch.  Trip will be following Route 134 toward Campbellton.  The next morning plans are to leave at 9 am and go toward St Leonard, Woodstock, Grand Falls and probably eat in Grand Falls.
5)  Going forward provinces are opening up and we could meet and set up a calendar of events.  Neither Roger or Angela want to organize all the trips or drives, restaurants, take outs and places to visit.  They are looking for not only suggestions but firm commitments.  Bob to send out an email to members to attend a planning meeting next Wed at Roger and Angela's to make the calendar.  Right now we can add Memramcook Aug 1, Lounsbury car show in Sept with date to be determined, Speed Sport East Oct 21 – 24, Hampton School Oct 29 or 30th, Hillsborough on Tuesday nights, AMJ Classic 9 – 4 on July 24 at Fernand Blvd Dieppe, Aug 7 Saint John Poker Run, Ryes Run.  President will talk to PEI, NS, Saint John and Fredericton to add their plans to the calendar.
6)  Don't forget our sponsor Clear FX for ceramic coating
7)  Members were strongly suggested to apply for PEI pass as at some point this summer the group will be on the Island and last minute applications may impede travel plans.
8)  Name tags
9)  Discussion regarding use of masks indoors and outdoors.
10)  NB Declaration of July as Automotive Heritage month.

Meeting adjourned at 7:38 by President.

Winner of 50/50 draw was Louise Fyffe in the amount of $13.00

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois

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