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GMCC Monthly Meeting Oct 04 2021

Started by Ricko, October 05, 2021, 12:45:14 PM

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Greater Moncton Corvette Club
Oct 4, 21
Lounsbury Meeting Room

Present :  Roger and Angela Bourgeois, Rick and Helen Estabrooks, Tom and Terri Osler, Bob Cormier, Margaret Mayes and Trueman Copp, Darlene Estabrooks and Ray Cormier, Sandra and Marc Melanson, Paul and Mary Coxon, Carrie Anne Rioux, and Dave Gates.

President Roger Bourgeois welcomed all to the meeting and advised special guest Rebecca Campbell from Autism was unable to be present due to potential exposure in the family due to covid 19, arrangements made to have her attend Nov meeting and present her with cheques then. Cheque from donations at Lounsbury car show in the amount of $566.45 to be rounded to $600 and further discussion will be made on the amount from our club.

Minutes of September meeting were read by secretary Helen Estabrooks, were revised and accepted as read.

Old Business :  President reported on past months activities.  1)  Sept 18, all corvette show held at Lounsburys had approx 100 cars in attendance, very well attended, people respected distancing or wore masks.   T shirts from Lounsbury's were given out when registered or checked in as most had pre-registered.  Lounsbury's also gave away 5 gas cards worth $200 each and 55 inch TV.  Cards won by Scott Mullen, Ron Breau, Dave Bacon, Emery LeBlanc and Maxime Thibodeau.  Television won by Angela Bourgeois, Maxime picked out her name twice.  Thanks to all who helped with parking, setting up display banners and registration, also, Angie, who had picked up list of pre-registered to make up window cards ahead of time.
2)  Sept 19 was club picnic.  Left Dieppe Irving on way to Grand Digue for stop at Notre Centre then proceeded along to Cocagne, St Thomas, Bouctouche then St Marie, was a beautiful drive.  Tom and Terri Osler had set up space for us in their beautiful backyard.  They purchased and BBQ'd  sausages and hotdogs.  Roger and Angela purchased pop, water, potato and pasta salads and coleslaw.  The club funded all the food for the BBQ, special thanks to our hosts for opening up their wonderful house to us for this event.
3)  Sept saw lots of events postponed or cancelled including the wine tour and Alpaca farm.
4)  ST Martins run was this past Saturday, Oct 2, organized by Bob Cormier.  Had a great drive to Norton where we met up with Mary and Paul Coxon, then proceeded to drive to St Martins for our meal.  Power had been out and just got back on when we arrived.  Did a good run through Fundy Trail, and made stops at 2 locations along the way.  Talked with Mrs Franklin whose father was instrumental in the formation of the trail, she was a very funny lady and entertaining, President advised he had met her before.  On way home we stopped at Cobblers Lane Fudge Factory in Sussex or Sussex Corner and had great fudge and ice cream which we were told was calorie free and diabetic approved.  Would have brought samples to share at the meeting but we ate it all.  Then home.  Thanks to Bob and also, Paul and Mary who suggested the addition of the ice cream and fudge stop.

Financial Report :  President was sad to report our treasurer, Wornick Price, is quite sick and this position will be covered by himself and Angie until Dec or until new executive is in place.  President read report, deposits of $1804.78 and expenses of $462.50 leaving balance of XXXX.  Motion to accept report made by Mary and seconded by Tom, all in favour, motion carried.  Discussion around the amount to give Autism resulted in the amount of $2500 as agreed to in Sept meeting and the $600 from Lounsbury show all in favour. Motion Carried.

Bills for payment Angela and Terri reimbursed for food for the BBQ in the amount of $360, motion to accept made by Angela and seconded by Carrie Anne, all in favour, motion carried.

All members who paid membership dues at Lounsbury show will be paid for 2022, money is still in the pot for next year.

New Business : 1)   Rhys run cancelled, Miss Teen Pageant postponed until March of next year probably no cars available that time of year, Speed Sport East cancelled.  Hampton School car show is being cancelled for the safety of the children.
2)  Next month Nov will be nomination of executive positions with election or final nomination in Nov.  Positions available President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Director-email, Membership List coordinator, Events-web page, and Fast Past Magazine contributor.
3)  Fast past editor Gary Fisher contacted Angela Bourgeois late Saturday for submission and she provided write up done by Linda Gauvin with details of Campbellton trip, write up of Carrie Anne and Richard run to PEI and Bob run to St Martin with pictures.  Also included Bob Cooke memorandum. 
4)  President showed members plaque from Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada presented to Linda Gauvin for her submission of our trip to Campbellton and around the province.
5)  Atlantic Corvette Meeting to be held at Lounsbury Meeting Room, Oct 23 at 10 am.
6)  Card has been sent on behalf of the club to Steve Whalen as he recovers from surgery.
7)   Lobster Run will be held Oct 16 details of trip provided by Trueman Copp, organizer, leaving PetroCan Riverview 9:30 am due to covid 19 lobster will be taken home to enjoy later, participants should take a lunch email will be sent by Terri and details will be put on the website by Rick.  Lobster pound will be offering $2 per pound discount and Bakery will be open for this event.  Rain or shine event.
8)  President advised it is with sad news that he received call from Dwight Rayworth that he has sold his corvette and will not be purchasing another.  This was a total surprise, Dwight and Libby have been active in the Club for almost 30 years, Libby serving as secretary and always there for registrations or any other task and Dwight did carpentry making barricades and posts for Speed Sport.  They both helped with lots of shows and will be missed but not forgotten.
9)  The gas cards purchased for Sept outings were forgotten to be given out they have been put in envelope with names of participants at the picnic and St Martins run and will be drawn for at end of meeting.
10)  President read highlights of the Maritime Motorsports Sept newsletter.
11)  Stay tuned for details of Presidents Run could by lady drivers run with wine tour.

With no further business meeting adjourned at 7:47 by Angela.

Next meeting Nov 1, 7pm.

Winner of  50/50 in amount of $26 was Carrie Anne Rioux.
Gas Card for Picnic- Trueman
Gas Card for St Martin run - Roger Bourgeois
Shopping Bag – Tom other bags Marc, Mary, Sandra and Darlene

Helen Estabrooks

Roger Bourgeois

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