Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs meeting - October, 2021

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Atlantic Canada Corvette Clubs (ACCC)
Lounsbury Automotive Group, West Main Street, Moncton, NB
October 23, 2021
Present:   Roger & Angela Bourgeois, Greater Moncton Corvette Club; Mark Melanson & Sandra Arsenault, Greater Moncton Corvette Club;   Kingsley Lewis, PEI Corvette Club;  Ivan Hines, Corvette Club of NS

Absent with regrets:     Sylvia Blanchard, Corvettes of Sourthern NB – notes sent along;    Errol Callbeck, PEICC – notes sent along

Absent:    Loyalists Corvette Club;   RiverValley Vettes;  NFL Corvette Club

Meeting began at 10:00 a.m. with Roger welcoming those present.  He updated the group on the status of the GMCC Executives, announcing his retirement from the position of President.  He and Angela will continue to be active members, helping out whenever and wherever they can.    The current boardroom at Lounsbury's will continue to be available to this group for future meetings should all decide to continue to host in Moncton.

1)   First to update their club is Kingsley.  He thanked the Moncton club for hosting the meeting.  2021 was another year that Covid-19 put a stop to most of the usual activities.  PEI had some of the stricter rules and were quick to shut things down anytime an issue arose, so they didn't plan very much this summer for fear of having to cancel.

They did, however, manage to have a few get togethers as a club:  February saw a small gathering for a Valentine's Dinner in Charlottetown;  May brought an opportunity for a breakfast at the Blue Goose in Desable;  July, another breakfast in Victoria by the Sea;  August was an opportunity for the Moncton club to make a trip to PEI, touring the Western potion of the Island.   It felt almost like old times.   Some of our members attended local car shows, but Vettefest was cancelled once again – hopefully 2022 will see the revival.     And to finish this season, a Christmas get together is planned for late November.  We are hoping that Santa will bring us better times in 2022.   

2)  Second to give their club update was Ivan Hines.  He expressed being happy to see everyone again.  Last week was their club's Annual General Meeting;  their constitution tries to encourage new blood in the President's position, making the term a 4 year limit.  Thereby making Ivan the new "former President".  Amanda Hines has stepped up as the new President;  Jody Crooke will be V-P; Kim Gilby is secretary; Rick Latimer; Treasurer;  Tom Kennedy, Director at Large; and  6 Chapter reps.

The club had a slow start to the summer due to Covid-19, but midway things got going.   A planned trip to Newfoundland for 2 weeks took place.   Much fun was had, including hiring a party bus at one point for a crab cookout;  distillery opened up their doors to the club members, in all an excellent trip.  Another trip will be planned for sure.  Unfortunately this trip had a limited number for participants due to a shortage of accommodations, etc.

A trip around the Cabot trail took place in the fall, with 33 Corvettes participating.   Wherever there was a stop, folks were very receptive.

The club increased their membership numbers in 2021 with a total of 131 members and 155 Corvettes.  The membership cost is $40, with $20 going to pay into the Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs, Eastern Region.  The club's main charity was Feed NS, but during different activities, there were different charities, including the Ronald McDonald house in Halifax.  Joan Butt led the PJ's for infants and kids campaign, with a goal of 100 pairs of PJs.  A food drive at a local grocery store parking lot, led by Greg Bowie, raised $2,400 in food and money within a 4-5 hour period.  Included in that amount was profits made from the sale of a 2022 Corvette calendar, which was very well done and displayed a good selection of member's Corvettes.

Ivan has agree to be the Caravan leader for 2024.  That will see the group heading to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, then onto Bowling Green for the Corvette Museum's 30th anniversary. 

The club's website has been revamped and Ivan has it up and running. 

For 2022, plans are in the works for the Maritime Meet in Yarmouth (Julye 15/16).   The Rodd Grand is offering a rate of $138/night.  Rooms are very limited, so folks are encouraged to book early.  Registration with the NS club will open in Januar with a deadline of May 31st.  Registration will be available online.

3)  In the absence of a rep from the CSNB, Roger read Sylvia's notes.  She sends her regrets in being unable to attend the meeting.    Her notes are summarized as follows:
It has been a challenging season, but they had a great summer all considering.  Currently the club has 46 members, up from 41 last year.  The club's new sponsor is Coast Tire on McAllister Drive in Saint John.   This is where they hold their monthly meetings.   This location is also being used as the start point for most outings and events.

The club had various Wednesday night cruise nights throughout the season.  Dunham's Run Winery and Comedy night;  Joansies Take out in Pennfield; Up to Par Restaurant in Midland; and Hampton Brewing in Hampton.

Some of their day trips included the Fundy Trail, lunch in Alma, St Andrews and Niger Reef Tea Room.  Some car shows were attended, including the Atlantic Nationals Fun Run, the Lounsbury show in Moncton, and Rides of Rockwood in Saint John. 
For the 3rd year in a row, the club hosted a Poker Run.  A great success and attendance included  members from Moncton, Fredericton, NS, and PEI.  Half of the proceeds of this event went to the winner of the best poker hand while the other half will be going to a local charity.   Next year may include a Friday evening meet and greet.   Sylvia thanked all the participants for supporting this event.

No plans yet for a Christmas party and the Executives for 2022 have not yet been chosen.

4)  Then last, but not least, Roger from GMCC summarized the club's past and upcoming activities.   A weekend run to the Campbellton are of the province took place in early July.  One of our members came to his rescue when a family matter prevented Roger and Angela from making the trip.  The couple did an excellent job hosting.   A local car enthusiast had an open house at his place of business, AJM, in mid July and attendance was way up.  Cars of every make and year.   On July 31st, another couple hosted a trip to the Amherst/Joggins area, including a tour of the Armory Museum and lunch in Amherst.  On August 1st, the club participated in a car show in Memramcook with over 400 cars in attendance.  Mid August we were treated to a tour of a Springhill, NS, coal mine and then to the Ann Murray Museum.    Our club participated in the Atlantic Nationals Fun Run on August 21/22 in Moncton.  At the end of August, with the help of the PEI Corvette Club members, we toured part of PEI.  This trip was coordinated with one of our members, who set up stops for visiting museums and lunch.   Then we helped out with the Lounbury Corvette show in mid August, followed by a home BBQ gathering the next day, hosted by one of our member-couples.  A fun run, set up by the Atlantic Nationals group, saw a downtown tour every second Saturday in July and August (Main St/Mountain Road).
In 2022, the trips that are already booked for some of the club members, is the Bar Habor, Maine, weekend, the Kingston Invastion, Ontario, weekend in Carlisle, Atlantic Nationals in Moncton and then Lounsbury's annual Corvette show.

The club was able to make a donation to Autism in the amount of $600 from those that participated in the Lounsbury's Corvette Show and will be making an additional $2,500 at our November meeting.

Meeting was adjourned by Angela at 11:15 a.m.    The next ACCC meeting will be held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2022, at the Moncton location.

Angela Bourgeois
Minute Taker

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